Dec 212009

I still remember my visits to Mumbai( then Bombay) as a child, with my parents and my brother. Those were the few occasions every year when we paid visit to the town for shopping, movies and the most important of all, the Bandra Fair( the Mount Mary Feast). The most exciting part of the trip was the journey by the local train from virar. I still remember how we would run from the ticket counter behind our parents, just in time to catch the train. We would fight for the window seat( yes we surely used to get window seats in those days), which would end up with him winning the seat for most of the journey.

But times change, and the mumbai local train surely has endured the changes. For one, its has been subjected to the acts of nature in form of natural calamities and the acts of human destruction in the form of terrorism. It has witnessed the deaths of many people due to human errors in form of accidents. I still remember the fatal evening in the year 1994, when many women lost their lives in an incident involving the ladies special train. And also the very recent serial bomb blast in the july of the year 2006.

There may be no end to it. But this doesn’t mean that it put a stop to the lives of people. May be this is the only option available for commute. But as I travel in the trains today, I see the common man, managing to find a foot-space in the already overcrowded boogie. And he manages to undertake this journey, which sometimes lasts more than two hours, standing on one foot.

The common man prespires  and tires up easily in the heat of poorly ventilated trains, but his desire to reach his destination doesn’t allow him to give up. And there is always humanity present in the trains. I see many a times, elderly people and women being given preference for seating. Water is not considered a personal property, no matter whose bottle it is. And keeping self busy in some for or the other during the journey, normally is the priority with everyone. Maybe a quick game of sudoku, some music, a book for reading or even movies on mobile are common methods of  “timepass”. Everyone gives full consideration for everyone else. Though occasional spats on the issue of space at the door, are not an uncommon thing.

This is life, life in the mumbai local trains. Which refuses to bow to any hurdles it faces. And it keeps on going, from 3.30 in the morning till late in the night. Without so much as a stop for a quick breathe. A salute to the commuters who endure this travel. A salute to the motormen of these trains, who stay alert through out the entire journey.

A salute to the spirit of the mumbai locals.

Dec 172009

“Do you take this video game character to be your wife?”  No not a wedding scene in some latest sci-fi movie. It has happened in the real world. A man named sal9000 married the love of his life in Japan. But its with a difference. The love of his life goes by the name Nene Anegasaki, and she lives inside Nintendo DS video game called as love plus.

Basically, love plus, is a dating sim, inline with the virtual pet created in Japan few years back. It has a behavioural pattern of a girlfriend, and the user can interact with the character in different ways. And interact in this way!! Marry!!! And with a promise not to leave her, even if the upgraded version comes in the market.

I have heard of wedding fires being lit on a plane and under the water. I have seen photos of the bride, the groom and the minister, hanging in mid air hundreds of feet above ground, and conducting the rituals. And I have read about lot more innovative ways of going about this marriage business. But this virtually is world apart. 

This man refuses to give out his real name, since he is afraid of jokes and insults, but then, his images have appeared on world television, and his marriage was broadcast live on the internet. So I guess, his family has already gifted him a honeymoon package. I am just concerned if he intends to bring about some form of life out of this union. If he manages, which side will it land, the real side or the virtual side.

You know people, I thought that the topics were drying up for my blog. But now I feel that there is enough foolery in this world to write about. So hoping to be back soon.

Hehehehe…… In Japan, of all the places!!

Dec 022009

This incident occurred few years back. It was some days after the mumbai train serial blasts. I was travelling back home from a particular station on harbour line, and since there was enough time for the train to arrive I decided to sit down on a bench. I saw one man and a big bag next to him and when I approached him with a request to move his bag to make space for me, I was shocked by his response. He said that he didn’t know whose bag it was. This person has been sitting near an unidentified, unclaimed object without any fear for his life, and this just a couple of days after the serial blasts. It was not worth arguing with this person so I approached a constable posted at that platform. The constable came along with me to review the situation. And gave me another shock, second within the span of 2 minutes. Without following any proper precautionary measures, he just opened the bag to check the belongings. I immediately moved at a safe distance, since I was young and wanted to live a longer life.

It turned out to be a bag full of books, belonging to a school boy, who came running from the railway canteen after seeing a policeman fiddling with his his bag. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

But what about the responsibilities of the citizen? Aren’t they supposed to inform about unclaimed suspicious objects? What about the procedures? Wasn’t the policeman not supposed to touch it as he was not equipped to handle the situation?

It seems that we have a habit of getting back to square one. Don’t blame the terrorist for another attack/blast. Its their job, a profession that they have taken up. It for us citizens to be cautious.

Nov 252009

…….I am pleased to inform that the great golden circus is back in the city. Any person staying in Mumbai(India) can have the opportunity to watch it with their kids. The quality of it, I have doubts about, but kids would love it. This is one of the rare chances that we get, as the circus business has become a rarity in Indian cities.

Nov 232009

I had heard that the blog was a good channel for expression. But it took me many years to write my first post. And that too, on some site which I forgot within few days. But again I started it couple of months back and though I may not be a big achiever in this business, I am quite satisfied. I have never thought about the financial part of this domain till now. And I think it will be quite premature at this stage. Unlike other blogs that I have visited, I do not want to cluster up my page, to a point that the reader looses interest in my blog, due to lack of reading ease.

But, I succeed or fail, in my attempt to open up to the world, I will be able to say in the future, “I’ve been there, I’ve done it”.

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