Something Promising. Finally!!

Times News Network, reports in its 13th August Mumbai edition of the Times of India that, HC slams state for neglecting PAPs rehabilitation saying that ‘Maoists are born due to govt’s apathy’. I couldn’t find the link to its online edition, but you can check it out on page 13.

It’s kind of good to hear that someone at the top was able to find out the actual reason and make it public. Of course, it’s not always that all Maoists are the neglected lot. Most of the leaders try and gain personal benefits in the name of justice to the affected. But the uneducated, poor people who are really affected, take their words, because there is no one from the side of the government to help them at that moment. These people are the people that the Mumbai high court is talking about.These are the people who turn to unnecessary violence under the influence of few leaders. These are the people who die fighting for their rights.

Just hoping that this message is conveyed properly to the government.


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