Rajni the Robot

Rajnikant’s new film, enthiran, the robot movie, is out for public today. Though, I am not a big fan of Rajni, as he is popularly called, I know that an entire state in India, worships him like God. He is the hearthrobe of Tamilnadu, and his die hard fans never miss the first day first show.

As colleague asserts. If a movie is being screened in the theatres in Tamil Nadu, and by any chance Rajnikanth’s poster appear in the background, an uproar of joy and cheer goes up in the theatre, even though Rajni doesn’t actually play any part in the movie. Also in the first day first show of any movie, when Rajni appears for the first time on the screen, the film is stopped at that frame, and Rajni worshiped in traditional ways.

I have never seen such a fan following to any big star in my life.

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