Right from the beginning you are glued to the screen. You won’t get bored, but will find every minute exciting. There are not much of those unnecessary dialogues. The plot is fast paced. The action sequences are few, but breath taking. The cast seems fit for their job. All in all, The A-Team is awesome!!

The plot is the same old one. If you had seen the losers, well, that’s the rough idea of the story. Army guys, framed and convicted for a crime which they did not commit, and stripped of their honor. This is their struggle to clean up their names. But with a team like this, we can’t call it a struggle. It actually manages to squeeze out some comedy during the movie, along with all the quick witted plans and fast paced action.

The movie starts with a sequence showing the formation of the A-Team in Mexico. Watch out for the breath-taking heavy action shots in the helicopter sequence. Then it fast forwards to the time when CIA brings in some trouble, of which it is unaware, for the team, in the form of a job. It involves confiscating minting plates for US currency(Being US, the trouble is always money, ammo, or drugs). The team lands in jail, and escapes with some help. Their pursuit for justice takes them to Europe, where the sequence involving a battle tank(I don’t wan to reveal what the sequence is) is quite extraordinary. When you see it, you say,”brilliant!!” And in the end, the action at the port, which feels a bit too much to digest(Of course, it’s hard to digest a barrel roll made by a helicopter).

A must see for all the action movie fans. And a must see at the theatres.

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