Nov 152012

I try to stay away from a movie as far as possible if it’s not a Hollywood movie. Not that I proclaim myself to be a person with good knowledge and understanding of movie making. Hollywood movies make up for their lack of storyline with their clean and colourful surrounding. Most important of all, I like the freedom they have to touch any subject with least,interventions from the, censor boards.
Bollywood movies rarely have sad endings which is not a real life scenario. In south movies there is less of a storyline and more of a Rajnikanth, Chirinjeevi,Mohanlal and the likes. Throw in a lot of foul language and your have a huge applauding crowd for north based movies. I’ve not seen any eastern based movies, except for the subject matter of this post.There have been exceptions in Bollywood in terms of the overall movie experience and I’ve rarely missed such movies.
Now to continue with the review. I would never have dared to watch any Bengali movie, had my colleague not told my the story in brief. Hemlock society was formed in the USA in the 90’s. Verbatim “its primary mission included providing information to dying persons and supporting legislation permitting physician assisted suicide”(source: wikipedia). The film revolves around a women with troubled past, recent breakup and a bleak future. She is stopped during her suicide attempt by person who explains her how her attempt would be unsuccessful and she would be left embarrassed, injured and may even face prison. He introduces himself to be a person from hemlock society, which could help her carry out her plan successfully. He enrolls her for a 3 day course which would teach her few sure methods of successful suicide.
As the story progresses, it becomes evident that the women is not ready to die and wants to stop the course. But the society wouldn’t let her go as a part of rules. What happens next cannot be revealed as it would ruin the plot for you.
Meanwhile the emotions in her family are pain to watch.
At certain points the acting by various actors in the movies seem lacking. But when the entire plot is revealed, everything fits perfectly. The cinematography is excellent with perfect closeups and mixing of sequences. No out of context dance numbers here. Just the plain soft songs with music pleasant to ears. Though I don’t understand Bengali, the subtitles were sufficiently clear.
Final say: a movie to watch.
Rating: 4/5

Jul 222012

Though very fond of hollywood movies, and the occassional Gangs of Wasseypur and such, I didn’t know until thursday that The Dark Knight was saving Gotham again. My ignorance or failure to read The Gotham Times. But I decided to watch it first day since I was very impressed by The Dark Knight, especially The Joker(Heath Ledger : may his soul rest in peace. Acadamy award for the best supporting actor?? Hell, he stole the show!!) Anyway, I didn’t have company for the first day show(no fun watching such movies alone) so I had to watch yesterday night 10:30.

If I was impressed by The Dark Knight, I still search for a better word then mind blowing for The Dark Knight Rises. For me The Dark Knight was mostly about the Joker than Batman. The Dark Knight Rises is about everyone. It Batman, Alfred, Blake(the R…n, you will know when you see the movie), Bane, Seline, Fox, Gordon. And everyone played their part.

Except for the overly emphasized voice of Bane, there were no flaws.

The buildup to the story is very good. The action/effects are not overly done. Action sequences to watch out for : the introduction sequence and the football field sequence. And of course, the one thing which I love to watch while just about holding back the screams and cheers: His Bike!!

A very fast paced movie in which Batman has to wake up his inner strengths to overcome the greatest difficulties and take the final decisions to save Gotham.

Cristopher Nolan at his best. After the death of Heath Ledger, I thought he wouldn’t be able to fill up the vacuum. But The Dark Knight Rises is a totally different story.

My rating : 8/10

(Note : Try to get seats in the centre. When you seat on the sides, the neck hurts the next day)

Feb 192012

I am not a professional movie reviewer. Hence the very infrequent movie reviews. But whenever I feel that all my friends should see a particular movie without fail, I sit down to write. No matter when the movie is released, I feel strongly that some movies should never be missed.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close(here I take the liberty to abbreviate it to ELIC since I wouldn’t want to type the name again and again), is one such movie which I saw recently. It’s a story of a young boy who loses his father in the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center. The movie starts with a very brief sequence of the thoughts of the boy, where he is confused about life after death and has a very interesting hypothesis about how it should be.

The story reveals a very special bond the boy had with his father. After the death of his father, the boy finds a key in a small envelope in his father’s closet. The envelope has word “BLACK” written on one corner and assuming it to be the name of an individual, the boys goes out in search of such person named Black, and a lock which the key opens. The boy is under the impression that it is some kind of challenge designed by his dad before he was dead, and believes that if the mystery is unraveled, he would be able to extend the moments spent with his father for a longer period of time.

During the course of his search, the boy comes in contact with variety of people, some who are helpful, loving and some quite rude and non co-operative. I would not like to reveal whether he finds the lock, or the person named Black, as the poignant moments of the film would be robbed of their essence. But the boy solves few mysteries along the way, and though it seems that he keeps on drifting apart from his mother, one moment of the film reveals how he actually comes closer to her. And how he manages to get over one big secret which has been eating him out all through this time.

ELIC is a standard 2 hour affair without any elements which would bore you. Though Tom Hanks has a very short role in the movie(he is the father of the boy), his role is very important for the course of events that unfold. Sandra Bullock, the mother, seems to adrift in the world of a mourning widow, oblivious to the what’s happening with her son. But the end of the movie portrays her to be a concerned mother. The boy, , has a major role in this movie, and though quite effective sometimes, his act seems lacking the essence. But the dialogues and the story makes up for that.

All in all, a good movie by my standards and I would rate it to 4/5.

May 212011

Before I say anything about it, those who have not yet seen the movie, halt. Stop!! Don’t visit your nearest cinema yet. Wait for about a month or so. It will come on the TV soon. I know it because that’s what happens with all the others which are flop at the box office.

I would say, this movie was uncalled for. There was no need of slotting it in(that is what seems like has been done. People were anxious for the new one in the POTC series so they seem to have come out with this one). What a waste of talent! What a waste of the cast!! What a waste of more than 2 hours in a day!!!The creators of the series should understand that diehard fans are as much mesmerized by the action sequences and the sudden turn of events, as they are entertained by the comedy in the film.

Half the people come to see captain Jack Sparrow, and are pleased when his first appearance is very late in the movie. Not so in this one. You start to settle in your chair and miss out the first words out of his mouth. And what was it about keeping this movie predictable? They bring in Jack Sparrow to the trial, head covered, and you already know that it’s not him. The judge presiding over the trial enters with his back to the audience, you know this is Jack Sparrow in disguise. Jack Sparrow tells Gibbs about his well organized plan of the getaway, and you know that they are heading to the prisons and the plan has already failed. Jack Sparrow spars with an imposter at the tavern, you know it’s Penelope Cruz before the film reveals it. And the time when he switches the chalices. You already know it. So where’s the element of surprise? Where’s the fun? If you are in India and have seen the film Hera Pheri, then this film can be compared to Hera Pheri 2. The comedy is served half cooked. You laugh at Jack Sparrow’s dialogues, only because you don’t want to offend Johnny Depp!!

The story is inspired by one of the Lara Croft movies, the only difference being that the timeline has been shifted to the period of the pirates.

Then there is that 3D which all the people would be eager about. The film uses the 3D technology to it’s full extent, but doesn’t let the viewers have the fun. Except for the one shot when angelica drives a sword in through the door which misses Jack Sparrow and points straight at the audience. You feel the physical depth in the screen, but none of it affects the audience. I feel the movie is better viewed in 2D without those irritating glassed on, since half the plot is in dark hours where the 3D effect fail to make much difference.

The characters in the movie are forced to undertake a mission against their wish. Same with the movie. They seem to be working in this movie against their wished. And those mermaid!

You remember the previous editions? The one when Jack sparrow is alone on the desert land, delusional, getting help from the crabs to float his ship. And the one when the entire plot of the movie turned upside, along with the ship. Those are the sequences for which Jack Sparrow is popular. He is a character who is ready to accept all the hardships inflicted against him. He comes out shining in all the hopeless situations. The Jack Sparrow in todays movie gets everything easy. No one seems to be much bothered to torture him. They have tried to centre the movie around Jack Sparrow, but it goes off centre a lot of times.

The creators of the series need to keep in mind that Jack Sparrow, the essence of the movie, has to be the center of the entire plot. You can’t neglect that. The films have been successful because of his character. And to make them successful in future, you need to keep him ‘in character’.

And finally, I miss the black pearl and the monkey. What was the need to keep them bottled till the end? Or was it done to help create a new movie? Time will tell.

Final Review – 2Star.(One because Johnny Depp was present in form of Jack Sparrow and second since they have kept the monkey in the movie.)

Dec 122010

Vintage car lovers in Mumbai have a chance to rejoice. Carwale, the online site for automobile, has hosted a small, but eye-catching display of vintage cars in the Inorbit mall at Vashi.

Some of the prominent cars on display are, the Ford Model A, Jaguar Mark VII, a Mini Morris, a Volkswagen Beetle, Lancia Astura, Austin A40 Devon.

Jaguar Mark VII       Ford Model A       Volkswagen Beetle


And last, and the best of them all,the Ford Model T. I never thought I would see a Model T in this life. It was a very exciting surprise. Here are the pictures.

Ford Model T                     Ford Model T


Vintage Cars at Inorbit

Vintage Cars at Inorbit                Vintage Cars at Inorbit

Nov 272010

With all the bad things happening to this world, including the scams, the crashed markets, the murders, wars, one doesn’t feel like picking up the news paper to know whats going on in this world. It is the same old story day after day.

But to refresh your mind, there is one newspaper which you can read. It is about something real happening in a virtual world. All the batman fans and others can read “The Gotham Times” here. It might be a build up to the next batman movie.

Nov 052010

Even as I compose this post, I fail to understand whether I am dreaming, or it’s the reality that I am in. I can feel the pressure of the keys on my finger tips as I type, but I don’t know if its supposed to be that way, while we are dreaming. Can we feel pain in our subconscious state? I surely do now, as I pinch myself. I cannot say for sure if this is reality, since I cannot find my totem, the object which will confirm my presence in reality. I don’t know if I have a totem. I don’t know what state of mind I am in, but what I do know is, Inception got me thinking this.

It might be a bit late that I saw this movie and am writing about it. But Inception demands a say from everyone. It’s a bit of Matrix style, but better. At least I managed to understand it in the first view. Christopher Nolan does it again, and so does Leonardo Di Caprio. They manage to thrill their audience. This is what we get when the writer(Nolan) works on a script for 10 years.

The movie revolves around the theory that an idea can be implanted in to ones mind through ones dreams. An entire world can be created based inside a dream, and people can be brought and manipulated inside others dream. The plot of the movie is entirely about Leonardo(Cobb) and his team entrusted with a task of manipulating a business tycoons mind resulting in the gain of his rivals. This requires the team to travel through multiple levels of dreams, which is a very risky affair. Multiple levels of dream means when the travel into a dream while they are dreaming. A five minutes of real time translates to about an hour inside the dream, hence their calculation say that the 10 hours sleep during one plane journey, would give sufficient time to carry out the tack. The major obstacle to their plan is cobb’s dead wife, who is present in his subconscious mind, and who wants him to kill himself so that they can be together in reality(complicated, but I don’t intend to divulge out the essence of the story). The team travels in to as much as fourth level of the subconscious state in their bid to do the job. There are dangers of them being sent in to limbo(a state where the subconscious state will keep wandering in to un constructed dreams) if they get killed inside the dream. It’s bit confusing if you are not attentive at any point of time.

The plot is fast paced, never boring. The action and the graphics are excellent. The sequences in the zero gravity(physical behaviour of a person in a dream when his body is acted upon by forces in reality), are breathtaking, and make this film worthwhile to be watched at the IMAX. The concept of a paradox in architecture is used effectively in the film. It has the thrill of an action/suspense/sci-fi movie. It has enough amount of emotions which can change the plot of the film. Mysteries are revealed in steps, hence there’s always something around the corner to be revealed. The end of the movie leaves us thinking whether Cobb has returned to reality since ha doesn’t get time to verify his totem. All in all, a must watch for the movie buffs.

I have seen a lot movies since my last review. But this one got me typing again. This surely is something to watch, and that too in theatres. That is, if they are running the shows so late after its release.

Oct 012010

Rajnikant’s new film, enthiran, the robot movie, is out for public today. Though, I am not a big fan of Rajni, as he is popularly called, I know that an entire state in India, worships him like God. He is the hearthrobe of Tamilnadu, and his die hard fans never miss the first day first show.

As colleague asserts. If a movie is being screened in the theatres in Tamil Nadu, and by any chance Rajnikanth’s poster appear in the background, an uproar of joy and cheer goes up in the theatre, even though Rajni doesn’t actually play any part in the movie. Also in the first day first show of any movie, when Rajni appears for the first time on the screen, the film is stopped at that frame, and Rajni worshiped in traditional ways.

I have never seen such a fan following to any big star in my life.

Jul 302010

Right from the beginning you are glued to the screen. You won’t get bored, but will find every minute exciting. There are not much of those unnecessary dialogues. The plot is fast paced. The action sequences are few, but breath taking. The cast seems fit for their job. All in all, The A-Team is awesome!!

The plot is the same old one. If you had seen the losers, well, that’s the rough idea of the story. Army guys, framed and convicted for a crime which they did not commit, and stripped of their honor. This is their struggle to clean up their names. But with a team like this, we can’t call it a struggle. It actually manages to squeeze out some comedy during the movie, along with all the quick witted plans and fast paced action.

The movie starts with a sequence showing the formation of the A-Team in Mexico. Watch out for the breath-taking heavy action shots in the helicopter sequence. Then it fast forwards to the time when CIA brings in some trouble, of which it is unaware, for the team, in the form of a job. It involves confiscating minting plates for US currency(Being US, the trouble is always money, ammo, or drugs). The team lands in jail, and escapes with some help. Their pursuit for justice takes them to Europe, where the sequence involving a battle tank(I don’t wan to reveal what the sequence is) is quite extraordinary. When you see it, you say,”brilliant!!” And in the end, the action at the port, which feels a bit too much to digest(Of course, it’s hard to digest a barrel roll made by a helicopter).

A must see for all the action movie fans. And a must see at the theatres.

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