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Chennai Express – The Review

One two three four…get on the dance floor. Set to get a lot of people on the dance floor. Rohit Shetty’s new release starring Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone, high in action (yes, lots of scorpios and mahindra classics involved too) is a signature Shetty movie. Nothing much in the story here. Same old man,

Hemlock Society – Movie Review

I try to stay away from a movie as far as possible if it’s not a Hollywood movie. Not that I proclaim myself to be a person with good knowledge and understanding of movie making. Hollywood movies make up for their lack of storyline with their clean and colourful surrounding. Most important of all, I

The Dark Knight Rises-and Astonishes Again

Though very fond of hollywood movies, and the occassional Gangs of Wasseypur and such, I didn’t know until thursday that The Dark Knight was saving Gotham again. My ignorance or failure to read The Gotham Times. But I decided to watch it first day since I was very impressed by The Dark Knight, especially The

Movie Review – Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

I am not a professional movie reviewer. Hence the very infrequent movie reviews. But whenever I feel that all my friends should see a particular movie without fail, I sit down to write. No matter when the movie is released, I feel strongly that some movies should never be missed. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close(here

Pirates of the Caribbean – A Strange Movie

Before I say anything about it, those who have not yet seen the movie, halt. Stop!! Don’t visit your nearest cinema yet. Wait for about a month or so. It will come on the TV soon. I know it because that’s what happens with all the others which are flop at the box office. I

Ford Model-T in Mumbai

Vintage car lovers in Mumbai have a chance to rejoice. Carwale, the online site for automobile, has hosted a small, but eye-catching display of vintage cars in the Inorbit mall at Vashi. Some of the prominent cars on display are, the Ford Model A, Jaguar Mark VII, a Mini Morris, a Volkswagen Beetle, Lancia Astura,

What’s up at Gotham

With all the bad things happening to this world, including the scams, the crashed markets, the murders, wars, one doesn’t feel like picking up the news paper to know whats going on in this world. It is the same old story day after day. But to refresh your mind, there is one newspaper which you

Play Tic Tac Toe

So it’s Sunday!! How about being lazy, doing nothing? A game of Tic Tac Toe would serve the purpose quite successfully!! Go ahead, get your coffee!! Powered by: MySpace Games


Even as I compose this post, I fail to understand whether I am dreaming, or it’s the reality that I am in. I can feel the pressure of the keys on my finger tips as I type, but I don’t know if its supposed to be that way, while we are dreaming. Can we feel

Rajni the Robot

Rajnikant’s new film, enthiran, the robot movie, is out for public today. Though, I am not a big fan of Rajni, as he is popularly called, I know that an entire state in India, worships him like God. He is the hearthrobe of Tamilnadu, and his die hard fans never miss the first day first