Out of ‘Tune’

Have you activated the caller tunes on your mobile? You could be wasting your money!!

I see that people have picked up this habit of activating every odd service that is ‘”provided” by a cell phone service provider. And caller tunes, or dialer tunes, or hello tunes, whatever the operator may call it, is on of those services. I regard availing such services as being made fool out of. And we require to pay for being fooled!! Allow this clarification.

1. On an average, a call on the phone is answered in around 5 – 8 seconds. So now lets do some exercise on this. pick up a song which you like, and sing it with the same speed that it is actually sung. But do that only for maximum of 8 seconds. Did you even get past the first verse? I bet, no. So now, if you will be picking up the phone in around 8 seconds, how much song do you think, the calling party will hear? Is it worth what you pay for?

2. Lets talk about quality of the sound. Though it can depend on your speakers, I have checked the sound quality on best quality head phones. Its worthless!! I remember using magnetic cassette tapes in olden times. If the head of the cassette player got fouled with dirt, or if the tape was damaged or scratched, how would the output quality be? Well, I have heard exact same quality of sound on caller tunes by some operators. Is it worth the money you pay?

3. When ever I call up a friend of mine, I hear a pre-recorded voice from the telcom operator, informing me that I can activate the caller tune which is about to follow, by pressing some combination of keys. The message is so long, that I haven’t heard what tune my friend has activated, till now. Each time, he picks up the phone before the message finishes. So, do you think you should pay for the ads from the operator?

4. My uncle activated the caller tunes facility, as it was free for few days. And yes, he forgot to deactivate the service on time. And before he could realise, some money was automatically deducted from his balance. So, since he had already paid for it, he decided to continue the service till the end of the month and deactivate it then. And he forgot again. This went on for few months, until he finally deactivated on the day that he was charged again for it.

So now my question if, “Do you think it is worth?”

I don’t think so….

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