Feb 112010

I accidently deleted all the files on my web hosting account today. And my blog went poof!! My heart skipped a beat when I realised my mistake. There was no recovery of my error. I was about to give up when I remembered that I had taken an export of my posts. I found it lying somewhere on my pc. And I was happy to recover all my post after a huge battle with the settings on my webhost panel. All but one. Being a human, I will not give up so easily at the feet of technology, and will write the missing post again if need be…

  3 Responses to “A Struggle To Survive”

  1. Lucky you had backed it up. Blogger is much easier like that!

  2. And to win against technology, I had to type an entire post once again :-)!! And I lost my entire statistics.

  3. Lucky you.. Managed to get the stuff back. I must say that this template is a much “cleaner” one, compared to the earlier one.

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