A Case of Misleading Ads

I remember an incident that my father-in-law narrated some time back. And I feel this is the right moment to reproduce it.

A door to door salesman had come to my in-laws house, and was trying to sell a clothes washing powder. He was really persistant about the high quality of the product even though my father-in-law was not interested in it. My father-in-law used to work in big Indian company, manufacturing popular brands, and he had some idea about the products. But the salesman kept on claiming that the product the best in the industry, and could remove any kind of stains. He even claimed that he would demonstrate the abilities of the product. Finally my father-in-law, agreeing that he could conduct the test, gave him a shirt with a fresh stain of pickle.

This poor fellow, soaked the shirt in that powder for almost half an hour, and no matter how much he tried to scrub the stain, it wouldn’t budge. The salesman was sweating at his loss, when my father-in-law gave him a cup of tea, and said goodbyes.

An article in todays leading newspaper brightened up my day and prompted me to post this. Everyone is aware how misleading advertisements are being feed in to our lives through media. people having some knowledge are hard to be mislead, but many of them get duped by such ads. This conning act has been transfered from door-to-door salespersons to multinational giants. And think about the effects on our health if such ads are for food products. Its not just us grown ups, even kids are influenced by such ads. Its a welcome case for us consumers, as the administration is taking some interest in such matters. This should really serve as a deterrent not only to companies manufacturing food products, but also to all the consumer products manufacturers. Those who make tall claims, should have a support for such claims.

And, somebody please tell the producers of this advertisement to stop it from being aired. Its a “Dimaag Koo Shot”(shot in the brains)!!

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