Roasted Meat

Nothing tastes like it. Be it a lamb or a pork chop. Marinated, roasted meat!! Flushed down with a beer. That’s paradise.

Want to experience it? Easy. All you need is some fresh lime, fresh ground pepper, ginger-turmeric paste, bit of olive oil, some common salt, the oven and of course, those chunks of meat.

The procedure is simple. Cut the meat in to flat thick chops, about the size of your palm. Apply some ginger-turmeric paste, salt, freshly ground pepper, little olive oil(optional), and squeeze some good amount of lime on to it. Let it marinate for about 3 hours.

Heat the oven to 200 degree and roast the meat on the grill for about an hour. Keep on checking the meat for over cooking or charring after 45 minutes. Place a oven pan below the grill to collect the dripping oil(if using pork), so as not to mess up the oven bottom.

Ding! Ready!! Enjoy your chops.

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