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Delicious Vegetable Stew(Aviyal)

Predominently cooked in Kerala, the southern state of India, Aviyal, classified as the vegetable stew, is a regular diet of the mallu population. It is unfailingly served at their festivals, the Onam and the Vishu. Being a fan of south Indian cuisine by heart, I decided to tryout this dish at home myself, with some

“Simbly” South Stew!!

I have been to kerala twice. Once for an entire year to attend my mariners training. I was so mesmarised by its beauty, that I went the second time for my honeymoon. The surrounding and the environment is very beautiful, but being a a person with a taste for good food, I was knocked off

First Time in My life

Look what I did this Easter Sunday!! I barbecued my own food for the festival, and I have to say that it turned out to be a 100 % success. My family just loved the food, and didn’t get time to compliment me about it, till the entire portion was down in our tummies. I had

Eat Cake!!

So its that time of the year, when all the paper mache and the bells, stars and the decorative lights, come out of the attic. And the Christmas tree is decorated, with an expectation of pleasant season ahead. And in my house, I cannot neglect to bring out the Getco, my humble oven, which has assisted me