Egg Toast Sandwich. Quick and Simple

Many times on weekends I wake up and have a feeling of not wanting to sweat for a good breakfast. But then I don’t feel like living on cereals and milk. That’s when the egg comes to my rescue. But it gets pretty boring if you have plain egg with nothing to accompany it. Enter, bread. Brown bread.

Of late I’ve been experimenting on cooking egg into the toast and the results have started to come out good.

You will need a non stick pan with a cover and NO oil. Yes that’s right. No oil. For those in good health condition, add oil, cheese, mayo, whatever. Go nuts.

Put the non stick pan on medium heat and place a slice of bread on it. When the bread becomes warm, crack an egg on to it carefully so as not to spill on the sides as far as possible. Let the white cook a little. Sprinkle little salt and chillie powder. If you have some tabasco, add a dash of it. Then place a bread slice on top of it and slightly press it on the section below which the yolk is present. Once the yolk breaks, leave it at that and cover the pan. In about two minutes the egg should cook. Open the cover and flip your sandwich carefully so as to minimise leakage of yolk if still raw. Toast the sandwich on this side for about two minutes, covered.

Your simple egg sandwich is ready. To make it heavy you can add cheese slice between the layers. If you have mashed potato leftovers, put the mashed potatoes in the bottom bread and place a slice of bread on it. Press the bread in the center to create a cavity for egg. Now crack an egg on to the cavity and follow rest of the procedure.

Enjoy your breakfast with a hot coffee.

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