Jul 042011

Who says we are a country full of poor. Just look at the vast amount of wealth, and I mean legal wealth owned by individuals without being involved in scams and without having any corporate links. If you have been following the happenings of past few weeks, you will be amazed to know the amount of wealth we have bestowed upon our Gods and Goddesses.

My God!! A trillion rupees hidden(though not with any wrong intentions) in the secret vaults below the temple!!! I had been to this temple. I had seen it’s grandeur. I expected it to be the last place with an yearly budget of a state hidden under it. This treasure has been collecting under the temple for many centuries now, and the royal families didn’t ever touch it, even during the hardest of times. Their intentions were noble. But what use are such intentions if the money is not put to a good use for the people. The Gods and the Goddesses desire no piece of this earthly treasure. So what’s the point of preserving it for them, while the people who donated it need to go abroad, separated from their families for a long time, to fill their hungry stomach? Why let this wealth rot under the temple, while people who parted with it, are without three meals a day?

Forget the scamsters. You can’t get the money back from them. But Baba Ramdev, Satya Sai Baba trust, Sree Padmanabha temple trust, Sabrimala temple trust, Tirupati temple trust, Siddhivinayaka temple trust, Divine retreat centre, Tabor Ashram and many other religious trusts who make such kind of money, can’t you all come together and do something for the society who has bestowed, whatever little they had, upon you? Bypass the government. Build your own schools. Build your own hospitals. Fund your own industries so that the unemployed get work.

God will never want this earthly possessions. He always wants you to love each other. Help each other. He wants you to live by his teachings.

Jul 032011

It would be a win-win situation. I wouldn’t have to work all day, to earn my daily bread. For a change, politician(read one Ms. M. Gandhi) would be fighting for my cause. And the government would be proposing penalty in its Animal Welfare Bill, 2011, for any cruelty meted on to me. Just so that I live a carefree and an unbothered life.

This article in The Times of India is enough to explain such a wise wish by me. With me being any animal, and the proposed law being passed, I wouldn’t have to worry about lots of things, which are in my head right now.  I could be anyone’s pet, or could work in a circus, or be a washer man’s donkey, or even be a regular street/forest animal. My rights would be protected by this law. It would be such a fun roaming around, oblivious of the cruel treatment being given to the wretched mankind.

And to think that they lots of laws protecting their rights. The only difference being that they still wouldn’t have anyone fighting for their cause(except maybe for that Anna someone). It’s funny isn’t it. The people of this world vote in to power those people, who would care less for them, but more for my kind.

And still better, if our kind indulge in some cruel treatment to mankind, there would be no such law punishing us. We are free to do whatever we do the best.

Jun 032011

Rejoice all ye F1 fans!! A double bonanza has been announced by FIA today. As we all know, Bahrain was cancelled at the beginning of the season due to political turmoil. Also the decision on Indian GP was either ways. FIA has finally announced today that Bahrain race will take place on the dates fixed initially for Indian GP. They have also confirmed that Indian GP will be the season finisher.

What a great deal we got. We get to see the full quota of races as planned earlier. Above that, people like me in India, can look forward to finally be able to see the race live. And that too a possible tense season finale. Delhi’s got a great opportunity to prove itself.


Mar 122011

The big man of the cricket, also called as the Master Blaster, Sachin Tendulkar is in the heat of the action all throughout the world cup until now. He is either busy getting 100’s and 50’s(these are just another numbers for him, but for us they are achievements) or sliding and diving around the field saving runs, doing both the things for the team. But there have been speculations all the time before the world cup, that he might quit after the tournament.

No matter what the results for India, he is sure to be asked the question after this tournament. Is he quitting from the international cricket? Does he thinks that he has had enough of cricket for life and may want to settle with his family?



I think I know what his answer will be. “Where did you get that idea? Why do you think I should retire? Am I not doing it right for India?”

It is an impression amongst the self proclaimed gurus of the game, or of any other game for that matter, that a sportsperson should retire at the peak of his career. That way, he goes graciously and is remembered for a long time.

But, why can’t a player who is performing well and is confident about his fitness, stay on with the game for a longer time? Why should age factor come in the way? If he performs well, can he not put himself well above in the achievements’ charts in that particular sport?

Michael Schumacher did not retire at the peak of his career. But does that wipe off his 7 championships? Is he not remembered for that? Tiger Woods continue to play, and may underperform at times, but does he not perform miracles in the dying stage of any tournament? If health and age should have been considered as retirement factor, Lance Armstrong should have given up on cancer, shouldn’t he? Age is just a condition against which these players fought and continue to fight.

So now should Sachin Tendulkar quit? Give one reason. Not the age one…..Not the fitness one. Because those become invalid arguments.

Or better still. Give one player to the Indian team who has Tendulkar’s commitment, fitness, desire to better his game and his sporting spirit. Give one player who attends all the practice sessions, sober, and ready to bat(left and right handed), bowl and field. Give one player who, even after having all the above qualities, have not been distracted by the endorsement industry. If you find one, Sachin might consider making the room.

Else, quit suggesting him to quit!!

Mar 112011

A massive earthquake of magnitude 8.9 on richter scale has hit Japan, causing a huge tsunami wave of about 10m as per the reports. The earthquake has caused lots of destruction and massive fires in various industrial areas. The earthquake is said to be the worst in past 20 years. News videos show cars and ships being washed in the huge waves.

Let’s just pray that the casualties are restricted to minimum, and the rescue operations are mobilised quickly.

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