Dec 252011

Being an Indian, I love the above words. Free!! If it’s being given out, I am taking it. No guilt, no shame.

I knew that in the USA, people get lots of stuff to tryout for free. Ranging from cosmetics to electronics, products are delivered at their door steps and they can use them for free, or for limited time, depending on the product. I had been searching the internet extensively for any deals in India, and I did come across one.

Procter and Gamble gives out their new products in the form of tryout samples, and I have successfully managed to get hands on most of them. All we need to do is create an account and fill up a short questionnaire(about 3-4 questions) and they send it to your home. The sample quantities are quite appreciable. And you don’t need to pay even for delivery.

Here is the website. It can also be accessed through this web-link. A caution. Try to give an address which is in a major city, since they ship through DTDC, and DTDC does not normally deliver in remote places.

Enjoy the new culture that’s arriving in India. Get for free.

Dec 152011

It was in preschool that I came across the english alphabet for the first time. We had a cursive writing book with all those dotted letters on which I had to trace the pencil, so very slowly at  first, but at a higher speed later on, to learn cursive writing. It was a very difficult exercise for me, given that I didn’t have a free hand at art, then and now. But there was a purpose to this exercise at this tender age. Ii itched a writing style in to my hand.

It was somewhere around class III that we were allowed to use a pen for the first time in school. I had graduated and the feeling was good. But my writing skill was as bad as ever. The difference between a pencil and a pen is that, in a pencil you get lot of resistance while writing so you need to put in that extra effort while trying to trace a smooth letter. This helped in inducing a curve in to my hand which is unique to me. On arrival of the pen, the resistance was reduced drastically and my hand needed a longer time to restrain the occasional slip of hand and get back those curves. But eventually I did manage to get back to my dirty handwriting and managed to get through those long exam sessions with some ease.

I do remember the last time I picked up the pen to write a few coherent lines on paper. That was during the marine engineering exam that I appeared for last year. Apart from that, the notes that I take down at my office do not qualify to be called as lengthy and meaning full sentences. They are just bits and pieces of information noted down at random intervals, and won’t help me with being in touch with my hand curves. Most of my work is done on a computer, in office or at home. All it does is flatten my finger tips due to the regular strikes on keyboard.

Gist is, the pen is almost as good as dead for me. But I can live with it. I am not going to be a writer. And if I am going to be, I can do it on the computer. But what concerns me more is the news I read today. A school in Mumbai has made it mandatory for students to buy an iPad for “learning process”. Some of the parents have accepted it while some are of the feeling that it will hamper the writing abilities of their kids. The school has given an option of either buying it outright or availing a financing option.

I will not go in to the ethics of making it mandatory. I will not argue on the ethics of the school giving out “options” for mode of purchase, which I feel, should be left with financial institutions or retail establishments, not educational institutions. There is not much information about the class from which students have to buy it, or what kind of actual educational tool will it be used as. But I give voice to the concerns of those parents who contest this decision with the argument of handwriting.

How exactly are the schools going to use these tablets? Are they planning to ask students to take down the notes on their iPad instead of their notebooks. If that so, it’s a shame that the art of writing will no longer be practiced by them. Handwriting is not at all an outdated way of learning. Secondly, at the tender age, if their wrists are subjected to non-ergonomic working styles, I am afraid lots of these kids will grow with problems at their wrists. So who will teach them ergonomics with iPad? Another risk being, who will ensure that the kids are not exposed to restricted contents on the web which will be freely available on the tablet? Who will ensure that the students use it only for educational purpose instead of playing angry bird during classroom periods?

And it’s a very expensive tool for learning which I feel is not required.

On the other hand, if the schools are able to control the use of the tablets to a restricted amount of time, it will be a boon. Students will be exposed, and when I say exposed I mean in both ways, to the age of the internet at the tender age. But then, the kids who can afford such luxuries at schools, surely have been exposed to these gadgets at their homes. So where’s the need?

All said, I just hope it’s not the death of the pen.

Oct 062011

The co-founder of the most iconic brand of the world, apple, is dead. The year long battle with pancreatic cancer is finally over for Steve Jobs, as he rests in peace.

He was the one who introduced the iMac, iPod, iPhone and the iPad to this world, and made it a huge success. His replacement in the company has always been a debate. Steve Jobs also acquired the animation studio, PIXAR, and made it a huge success.

Apple is paying tribute to their co-founder by redesigning their webpage and accepting thoughts and condolences from general public.

Such people are hard to replace. May his soul rest in peace.

Sep 112011

After pampering him for 10 days, Mumbai is finally ready to bid adieu to their favorite lord, the Ganpati, on the day of Anant Chaturdashi.800px-Anant_Chaturdashi The slogans, “Ganpati Bappa Moriya, Pudhachya Varshi Laukar Yaa”(O lord Ganesha, come again early next year) will be in the air the entire evening.

In the evening, all the Ganesh idols around Mumbai and other places in India will be immersed in water. Water is believed to be the bridge between the heaven and the earth and the immersion of Lord Ganesha in water symbolizes his return to the heaven.

The departure of Lord Ganesha is an emotional even for the people of the house who have served him, looked after him, loved him for ten days. They will be eagerly waiting for him until next year while their heart keeps on resounding, Pudhachya Varshi Laukar Yaa.

Aug 252011

Steve Jobs has finally resigned as the CEO of Apple Inc. The reason being inability to continue at the top any longer. This was conveyed to the board through a letter which stated, “I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple’s CEO, I would be the first to let you know. Unfortunately, that day has come”.

Having been tormented with many health problems, including pancreatic cancer, a liver transplant few years back, it was a surprise that he managed to run the show successfully for many years since the first iPhone. Speculations were high until very recently that he had very short time to live. Be he seems to have lived through those rumors.

Tim Cook, the chief operations officer will take over the reins of this winning company. But some believe that he lacks the vision which Steve has. Will Apple flourish or flounder under him? Time will tell.

Jul 202011

Great news for Bada smartphone users. The wait is over. Samfirmware has released a leaked copy of Bada 2.0.1 for Wave II(S8530). Later today, they will be releasing Bada 2.0 for Wave I(S8500). For more details visit

Mind you, this is not an official firmware so you will need to flash it to your phone. Also it might be buggy, since this is not the final release. Flash your phone only if you know what you are doing. Neither nor takes any responsibility for any damage to your phone.

Jul 042011

Who says we are a country full of poor. Just look at the vast amount of wealth, and I mean legal wealth owned by individuals without being involved in scams and without having any corporate links. If you have been following the happenings of past few weeks, you will be amazed to know the amount of wealth we have bestowed upon our Gods and Goddesses.

My God!! A trillion rupees hidden(though not with any wrong intentions) in the secret vaults below the temple!!! I had been to this temple. I had seen it’s grandeur. I expected it to be the last place with an yearly budget of a state hidden under it. This treasure has been collecting under the temple for many centuries now, and the royal families didn’t ever touch it, even during the hardest of times. Their intentions were noble. But what use are such intentions if the money is not put to a good use for the people. The Gods and the Goddesses desire no piece of this earthly treasure. So what’s the point of preserving it for them, while the people who donated it need to go abroad, separated from their families for a long time, to fill their hungry stomach? Why let this wealth rot under the temple, while people who parted with it, are without three meals a day?

Forget the scamsters. You can’t get the money back from them. But Baba Ramdev, Satya Sai Baba trust, Sree Padmanabha temple trust, Sabrimala temple trust, Tirupati temple trust, Siddhivinayaka temple trust, Divine retreat centre, Tabor Ashram and many other religious trusts who make such kind of money, can’t you all come together and do something for the society who has bestowed, whatever little they had, upon you? Bypass the government. Build your own schools. Build your own hospitals. Fund your own industries so that the unemployed get work.

God will never want this earthly possessions. He always wants you to love each other. Help each other. He wants you to live by his teachings.

Jul 032011

It would be a win-win situation. I wouldn’t have to work all day, to earn my daily bread. For a change, politician(read one Ms. M. Gandhi) would be fighting for my cause. And the government would be proposing penalty in its Animal Welfare Bill, 2011, for any cruelty meted on to me. Just so that I live a carefree and an unbothered life.

This article in The Times of India is enough to explain such a wise wish by me. With me being any animal, and the proposed law being passed, I wouldn’t have to worry about lots of things, which are in my head right now.  I could be anyone’s pet, or could work in a circus, or be a washer man’s donkey, or even be a regular street/forest animal. My rights would be protected by this law. It would be such a fun roaming around, oblivious of the cruel treatment being given to the wretched mankind.

And to think that they lots of laws protecting their rights. The only difference being that they still wouldn’t have anyone fighting for their cause(except maybe for that Anna someone). It’s funny isn’t it. The people of this world vote in to power those people, who would care less for them, but more for my kind.

And still better, if our kind indulge in some cruel treatment to mankind, there would be no such law punishing us. We are free to do whatever we do the best.

Jun 032011

Rejoice all ye F1 fans!! A double bonanza has been announced by FIA today. As we all know, Bahrain was cancelled at the beginning of the season due to political turmoil. Also the decision on Indian GP was either ways. FIA has finally announced today that Bahrain race will take place on the dates fixed initially for Indian GP. They have also confirmed that Indian GP will be the season finisher.

What a great deal we got. We get to see the full quota of races as planned earlier. Above that, people like me in India, can look forward to finally be able to see the race live. And that too a possible tense season finale. Delhi’s got a great opportunity to prove itself.


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