Jul 132011

A bomb blasted in Mumbai today. The location was Roxy cinema near opera house. The severity of the damage has not been declared yet but there are casualties as being reported by eyewitnesses on tv.

I pray for everyone’s safety and no more such incidents today.

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  12 Responses to “Bomb Blast in Mumbai”

  1. hope all to be in safe……

  2. Oh My God…This almost coincides with the blasts in the local trains few years back, 11th July

  3. Saw that on yahoo…It’s really sad. Hope everyone is safe. For Indian Government, do something…:(

  4. As per the actions of our Govt.it is proved that you can explode bombs and kill people, you embezzle billions of rupees but give the Netas their cut, you make synthetic milk and supply to Govt dairies and to public, you add cancerous colours to the vegetables, it will not mind but if you do some thing which destabilises the Govt or jolts its Kursi, they will lathi charge you,and explode tear gas shells.
    These bomb explosions will not stop as this Govt cannot take action against the terrorists who belong to so called minority community as they are the vote bank which send our netas to parliament

  5. its disastar again very sad

  6. Terrorist attacks keep on happening in India. Clearly there is a role of our “neighbours” in every attack. But the USA keeps on nurturing them from the background while in public it condemns them in diplomatic language.
    Early morning today I saw on the news that Hillary Clinton has “condemned” this attack(which they keep on doing time and again) saying that no matter what the terrorists do, they will never succeed in their intentions. It seems that the politicians have decided among themselves that killing people, is not the “intention” of terrorist. I fail to guess what other intentions they might have in mind for common innocent people. Whatever intentions they have are being carried out in to acts such as this.

    BTW, it seemed business as usual in the morning. Lots of poor souls have died, but the rest of us seem to be vary of the fact. We have become used to such kind of things.

    One more thing. This blasts occurred at around 6.30 – 7.00 pm. But there were unusual number(high) of policemen on Jogeshwari station yesterday evening, at 5.30 pm, when I boarded the train. Was there some intelligence input on which they failed to act again?

  7. very sad…. situation. Indian gov. must do something

    • What we all are doing is just talking after the event but we have done nothing to prevent this thing from happening again and again. Just talking is the work of politicians. If we all are humans we should get together guys and do something about it. Find out the ways, the solutions as alone no one can do anything it has to be a joint effort.

  8. I don’t know the recent technology being sharp, the lousy politicians are busy building empires for their generations. Its time the truth is out and the country gets revived these corruption.

  9. we dont know the reason why this had taken place. The only thing we can do is pray that such thing would not take again in future.

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