Mar 112011

A massive earthquake of magnitude 8.9 on richter scale has hit Japan, causing a huge tsunami wave of about 10m as per the reports. The earthquake has caused lots of destruction and massive fires in various industrial areas. The earthquake is said to be the worst in past 20 years. News videos show cars and ships being washed in the huge waves.

Let’s just pray that the casualties are restricted to minimum, and the rescue operations are mobilised quickly.

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  5 Responses to “Tsunami Hits Japan!!”

  1. This news item here gives regular updated on this news…

  2. http ://–tsunami-in-japan. html

  3. People always take pride in showing off about their mundane possessions…
    I guess this is how Mother Nature says it all…

    • But y Japan. They are not the ones showing off their possessions.
      BTW do u know that Japan, which faces big or small quakes everytime is the best prepared country to face this calamity. Tsunami is a different thing which might be a trouble for the country. But even small children are well prepared for such event. They conduct yearly drills so that every person is well aware of what to do in case of an earthquake.
      Had this been in third world, cricket hosting countries like India or pakistan, the toll wpild have been millions. Remember Bhuj?We are never prepared for anything!!

      • true , very true , and just ystrday read the news that 95 percent of all the floating buoys placed in the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean by the Indian scientists for early warning about tsunamis , have been vandalized by the fishermen for the metal inside them!!! This can happen only in India
        And about the Bhuj earthquake , I still remember it was Republic Day and we were watching the parade on TV when we felt the tremors . And I had just signed off from a ship just 2 days before that from a port in Gujarat called Dahej. was just thinking then how lucky I was.

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