Treasure Trove down South!!

Who says we are a country full of poor. Just look at the vast amount of wealth, and I mean legal wealth owned by individuals without being involved in scams and without having any corporate links. If you have been following the happenings of past few weeks, you will be amazed to know the amount of wealth we have bestowed upon our Gods and Goddesses.

My God!! A trillion rupees hidden(though not with any wrong intentions) in the secret vaults below the temple!!! I had been to this temple. I had seen it’s grandeur. I expected it to be the last place with an yearly budget of a state hidden under it. This treasure has been collecting under the temple for many centuries now, and the royal families didn’t ever touch it, even during the hardest of times. Their intentions were noble. But what use are such intentions if the money is not put to a good use for the people. The Gods and the Goddesses desire no piece of this earthly treasure. So what’s the point of preserving it for them, while the people who donated it need to go abroad, separated from their families for a long time, to fill their hungry stomach? Why let this wealth rot under the temple, while people who parted with it, are without three meals a day?

Forget the scamsters. You can’t get the money back from them. But Baba Ramdev, Satya Sai Baba trust, Sree Padmanabha temple trust, Sabrimala temple trust, Tirupati temple trust, Siddhivinayaka temple trust, Divine retreat centre, Tabor Ashram and many other religious trusts who make such kind of money, can’t you all come together and do something for the society who has bestowed, whatever little they had, upon you? Bypass the government. Build your own schools. Build your own hospitals. Fund your own industries so that the unemployed get work.

God will never want this earthly possessions. He always wants you to love each other. Help each other. He wants you to live by his teachings.


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