Beware of these Conmen

A very recent incident. A person approached my aunt and informed her that a cheque has arrived in the name of her son which was of the value 25000 rs. He gave a well rehearsed explanation of what the cheque was for, and managed to convince my aunt. But the clause he put was, that rs. 3000 had to be paid in advance for processing the delivery of the cheque. Now, my aunt, who is uneducated, didn’t realise that this could be a con. And since no one was present at the house, she gave out the 3000 rs. without consulting anyone from neighbourhood.

As it can be guessed, she never saw the face of the cheque. The conman had disappeared, and also the 3000 rs.

This incident can happen with any one in India. Lots of cons are being devised and executed. It’s akin to the online lottery scams and the african bank agents who claim to have a huge fortune to be disposed off. These people visit the locality, and find out any kind of details of a poor victim, so that it may be helpful for them in their game. So it’s for us to educate the older people about such fooleries.

Please, my dear friends, it’s my request to make others aware of such incidents. Better still, if such a person approaches you any oor your relatives, it should be reported to the police immediately. And never, ever, give out any money or other documents to such people.

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