An Award for Terrorism

The high court is of the stand that the state has to compensate for illegal detention for petty theft. The amount being thought upon by the court is 5000 rs per day.

Now an ugly thought creeps up my mind. Take ‘our’ kasab. He now claims to have been held in custody, 10 days before the terrorist attack, and the police has framed him up for no reasons. He even claims to have never seen an AK-47 in his life. Now suppose, just suppose, that he manages to hold up his statements in the court. And despite all the proofs, and especially the photograph (of kasab with a gun)clicked by the leading news paper’s daring photographer, suppose his lawyer succeeds to prove that he was a petty thief, in the wrong place at the wrong time. Just suppose.

Kasab will be eligible for a compensation of (more than 365 days X 5000) more than 18 lakhs rupees. And the counter keeps on increasing as long as he is in custody. So mr. kasab, you are fighting for a lot of money along with your life(though, I, and all the Indians believe that you have no consideration for life, going by the act that you committed on 26th nov 2008).

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