Power Troubles

The discovery of coal, crude oil, natural gas and the research in their refinement processes was the most important factor contributing towards the progress of the industry and civilisation in the previous century. Without these discoveries, this high speed jet age wouldn’t have been possible. So, where are we heading? Is it going to be steep uphill for infinite amount of time? I don’t think so. Cause the non renewable sources of energy are fast depleting due to continuous abuse by mankind. Just analyse this. All these sources of energy are supposed to be existing since billions of years, but within a few centuries, these stocks have been reduced to very alarming levels. And the shift towards the renewable sources of energy is being researched and implemented by few nations.

But only few nations? What about the other countries which still depend largely on crude oil as an energy source? Take the case of India. With a very high demand of power, fueled its population, India is a very big consumer of non renewable energy resources. But there is no indication of any drastic measures being taken to shift to the non conventional energy sources. With a very long cost line, India can be one ahead in wind power and tidal power. Solar energy can be harnessed in a large scale as India has vast number of barren lands. With many rivers flowing through the interiors of the country, it can very well harness the hydro power by building dams.

But the only projects being launched in India are coal, oil or gas based ones. As the price of this commodities keep on going higher due to huge demand, the cost per unit of power is bound to go high. So how can the very large percentage of people who are classified as below poverty line, afford there power needs?

Of course its difficult to make a sudden shift due to cost and efficiency factors. But initiatives have to be taken to prepare ourselves for the known. And we, the consumers, can contribute towards the delay of the foreseen exhaustion, but being a responsible citizens and consume as less power as possible.

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