In search of Water

It was really an unfortunate incident, in which a women died in a lathi charge during the recent protest against the water cut in Mumbai. I feel that it was bit harsh to take such action against the people demanding their rights. Mumbai has been reeling under water shortage for quite a few years now and the situation doesn’t seem to brighten up. There are no specific undertakings by the state governing body, for proper utilisation and storage of water. Neither are the bits and pieces initiatives taken up by various non government organisations enough for the ever expanding population of the ‘city of dreams’.

Mumbai has seen quite a lot of development at an alarming rate, without the provision for the basic necessities of mankind. The lakes serving the city have never been increased in capacity. But an increase in capacity would mean reduction in real estate, which fills up the pockets of our elected representatives. And no matter whatever directives come out from our administrators, implementation is always an issue. I could go on lengths on the subject of implementation in India, but it wouldn’t serve the purpose.

Its time for citizens to act responsibly. Housing societies could take up initiative to harvest rain water during our diminishing monsoon, water,  which normally flows in to our ever filthy sewer and back to sea, without serving its purpose. Few societies have already implemented such projects with very good results. And also with reduction of water bills. Also citizens should start being responsible while using water. I come across many incidents of taps being kept open and water running( may by mistake). This sums up to the more water bills, water wastage and consequently,water shortage. Its in our hand to save ourselves from the troubles. Remember, a human being can live on water alone for about 2 months, but cannot survive without water for more than 3 days.


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