Just One Glass

“Come on man!! It’s the last day of our college!!! We will be on our separate ways hereafter. Who knows where life will take us? Its for fate to decide. We may not meet for quite some time after today. So why don’t you have just a glass of beer with us? We know Ravi, that you are not into drinking. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be in to it for life. Its just one glass that we ask you to share with us? Grow up man!!”

“Ok, ok. Stop persuading me. I will raise just one glass with you. But remember, I won’t go for another glass. This is just for our friendship. Also, make sure that if I pass out or something, just take me to your house, not mine.”

“Hahaha!! We are not asking you to empty a pint. Its just a glass. You will be fine. We all will be. Waiter!! Two kingfisher premium please.”


“What will you have Ravi?”

“A quarter of Smirnoff Vodka.”

“Oh! So you are a fan of Smirnoff?”

“Well it soothes my mind. Makes me forget all my sufferings and sorrows.”

“You have a good job at this IT giant. With your own house in a very high class locality, an expensive car, a loving wife and two kids, I don’t understand what’s eating up your mind.”

“Hey man!! Stop the lecture. I was just fooling with you. Its just that I like to get high, and smirnoff doesn’t stink. So my wife won’t know. What about you? What’s your brand?”

“I normally go for a glass of beer. But since there is no one else to share the remaining, I think I can try a shot of smirnoff. Actually I never intoxicated, until after college. Once I was persuaded by my friends during our farewell. It started from there. I hope I will be able to handle the vodka.”

“No worries man. Its just a glass. You know what? I have the exact same introduction to alcohol. But now I am used to it. At 30 years of age, a man should have some form of enjoyment in life.”


“Brought him in about half an hour ago, sir.”

“What’s his name? And what are the charges?”

“His driving license says ‘ Ravi Kumar’. He is charged with reckless drunken driving, disobeying traffic rules, damage to public property, non cooperation with police, causing danger to human life. This guy almost killed a women who was crossing the street. Had it not been for the signal post to which he collided, the women would have been lying under the wheels of his mercedes. He seems to be slosh with alcohol. I found two bottles of Black Label in his car. These rich, rotten people behave as if they own the world and the law.”

“Keep him in the custody tonight. Fill up the FIR and present yourself and the lady as the witness. I hope you have the readings of the speed gun. Also send his urine and blood samples for test. Lets see how much pumped up this rich kid is. And if he doesn’t have liquor license, charge him with possession of liquor in excess quantities.”

“Yes sir. I have even procured the CCTV grab from the nearby shop, which recorded the incident.”

(Ravi Shouting)


“Be quite you fool. You have done enough damage to yourself and others.”


“You have been reporting late to duty lately. Most of the projects allocated to you are incomplete. People complain of you being slosh and stinking of whiskey. We are on the verge of loosing an important client because of your behavior with their representative, few days back. You cannot be sent to offshore assignments because you have to report to the police station every week. You remain shabby in your clothing and your ways. Do you expect the management to glorify your “achievements” and promote you? YOU ARE FIRED!!”

“Sir, I promise to you this won’t happen again. I had been a fool. Please give me just one chance? I will change my behavior. I will stop drinking. I will be a new man. Please sir.”

“If you repent your act, its good. If you want to change, its good. You want to start a new life? I wouldn’t want more from you. But the doors of this firm are closed for you for the final time. Whatever penance you decide for yourself, take your own time to carry it out. I can just wish you all the best for your future.”


“Sir, the person in the overturned mercedes on the expressway, is charred to death, beyond recognition. We have sent his dentures to match with the records. Video footage shows that car was running at excessive speeds and went out of control before flipping over. It caught fire due to petrol leaking from the tank. Registration number indicates that this car belongs to one mr. Ravi Kumar. I wouldn’t be surprised if this person in the car was mr. Ravi Kumar, because he had been booked by the city police few months back for reckless drunken driving. We have found an empty bottle of Black Label near him in the car, indicating that he might be drinking at the moment this accident took place.”


Ravi, the star in the eyes of his parents. Ravi, the partner to his wife and the guardian of his children. Ravi, considered to be very intelligent ever since his childhood. What happened to Ravi? Life was not supposed to take a U-turn for him. How did this happen? Was it the fault of his friends who persuaded him to drink that glass? Was it the fault of his parents, who might not have taken him into confidence about the vice, that drinking alcohol is. Was it the fault of his wife who failed to notice that he came home drunk frequently? Was it the fault of his boss who did not give him the final chance to change himself?

No.The blame was fully on Ravi, and that “Just one glass” which he drank.

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