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As we all know, the internet has been the biggest source of the IT revolution in past few years. And few giants have been creating difference in our life by serving us with astonishing products from time to time. To name a few, Google, Wikipedia, MSN, Yahoo etc. But of all this lot, one name that stands out for being a truly world class free and open source service is wikipedia, the internet based encyclopedia.

The punch line for this service is The Free Encyclopedia and the modus operandi has been more or less on a voluntary basis. About 90,000 people worldwide strive to keep this operation running. It is people like you and me who upload the information and verify it. It’s due to these uncommonly common people that we have an access to huge amount of free information, which would have caused us a fortune, had we been forced to buy the competing products.

To keep the operation alive, they have to maintain the few hundred servers, and pay for the minuscule staff, who keep things going. This maintenance has to be borne by someone, because as you might have noticed, Wikipedia doesn’t approve of advertisement on their page. This is to ensure that the reader gets clear and unhindered access to the information required by him, without the ever-nagging advertising banners creating nuisance.

So it’s time for us to support this organisation who has never thought about it’s own survival, but only about distributing free information to the needy.

Read this message by Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia and do your bit towards the society.

Help Wikipedia!!

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