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We have been using internet for quite some time now. We use it for entertainment, news, knowledge enhancement, communication and many other purposes on a large scale via computers, mobiles, tablets and other internet enabled devices. One of the main reason for logging on to the net (as we call it) is accessing information. And

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As we all know, the internet has been the biggest source of the IT revolution in past few years. And few giants have been creating difference in our life by serving us with astonishing products from time to time. To name a few, Google, Wikipedia, MSN, Yahoo etc. But of all this lot, one name

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Internet has grown out to be a source of information, huge in magnitude and unimaginable by human memory standards. Lots of data is available at our finger tips. Google has become a synonym to search(though google has spread its branch much wider then just search technology) and wikipedia is considered to be the boss of all