Oct 022017

Ever since I joined the corporate world in 2009, I have come across this tradition of wearing different colored clothes, fixed for each day of Navratri. The people in human resources circulate instruction to wear these colored clothes on those particular days. These are called as the colors of Navratri. I have always assumed that these colors have some religious significance. So I have followed this dress code to be part of the group, for many years. At least when I have the clothes of the particular color.

But when I read a news article today, I was shocked to realize that the colors have no religious significance. Or this is what the news article claims. There is a marketing gimmick linked to it.

The Story behind the nine colors of Navratri

As it turned out, Maharashtra Times, a newspaper published in Maharashtra had low circulation back in 2003. It was considered a masculine newspaper. The editorial team, came up with an idea of wooing women to increase their readership. They decided to play on the assumption that women love to buy and flaunt new clothes. The just needed an occasion.

Maharashtra Times provided them with just that.

Picking up the occasion of Navratri which continues for nine days, they started appealing women on their front page to wear a particular color. They even displayed pictures of successful ladies, dressed in the color of the day. The paper asked the ladies to click a pictures in office and send them in. The newspaper displayed the best photos on a dedicated page.

In time, they added more colors of Navratri, including white which is not worn on auspicious occasions. The women wore it just because the society had accepted this gimmick. Slowly the trend picked up along with the readership of the Maharashtra Times. The trend later became a culture.

It’s not a bad culture at all. Just that people follow it without knowing the truth behind it. The uniformity in colors during these days signify unity in diversity.

For me, I have a weapon to play with in case someone points out why I am not wearing the colors of Navratri. I can just ask a counter question regarding the significance of these colors.

In reality, I do not own pink, green, white. And I think one more color which I forgot.

All that is written above is based on an article which appeared on thequint.com. I take no credits for any research leading to this reveal. Neither do I intend to hurt religious sentiments via my blog. The link to the original article is here.

Dec 312011

Wishing you all a very happy new year. Lucky that we all survived this year since nature and nations were determined to kill us. Congratulations on that.

What’s your new year resolution? Tell me in the comments. Mine is, let’s see…. What do I manage to do efficiently every year? Yes!! My new year resolution is to lose money consistently in stock market. I can never go wrong with this one. I have been doing it religiously since 2007.

Again, welcome to the year 2012. Hoping it bring some sanity to the world. And anyone getting any information about the “Dam project” as shown in the movie 2012, kindly let me know. I need to survive. I fund the stock markets.

Dec 252011

Have you ever wished that you could somehow be compensated for the amount you recharge on your phone. Well there is just the website operating in India which refund you not only the amount you recharge on mobile, but also the amount you recharge on DTH and Datacard. The catch is that they refund you in form of coupons which can be used for shopping at stores and online and you have to pay rs.10 for the delivery. But something is better than nothing.

I have found that the coupons for mc donalds are the best deals as you get food worth rs 50 when you buy food worth rs. 100, which we almost always do when we are at mc donalds. But do look around if you find some better coupons. The procedure is quite simple and explained in steps on the website itself. There is an option not to avail for coupon if you don’t want to pay those extra bucks. In that case, you just recharge. The website keeps on adding more coupons on the site and I am almost addicted to it.

The website is freecharge.in. Go, charge for free.

Dec 252011

Being an Indian, I love the above words. Free!! If it’s being given out, I am taking it. No guilt, no shame.

I knew that in the USA, people get lots of stuff to tryout for free. Ranging from cosmetics to electronics, products are delivered at their door steps and they can use them for free, or for limited time, depending on the product. I had been searching the internet extensively for any deals in India, and I did come across one.

Procter and Gamble gives out their new products in the form of tryout samples, and I have successfully managed to get hands on most of them. All we need to do is create an account and fill up a short questionnaire(about 3-4 questions) and they send it to your home. The sample quantities are quite appreciable. And you don’t need to pay even for delivery.

Here is the website. It can also be accessed through this web-link. A caution. Try to give an address which is in a major city, since they ship through DTDC, and DTDC does not normally deliver in remote places.

Enjoy the new culture that’s arriving in India. Get for free.

Dec 252011

I wish you all a very happy Christmas. I had been busy since few days, utilizing my leave in Christmas preparations. Decorating the house, creating the manger scene, baking cake and cooking on Christmas day have been my main activities.

I am a bit disappointed in the cooking part. The brownie has turned out hard, the cakes solid rock. And the meat chops were charred beyond recognition today morning. A huge let down. But life goes on. Had to make quick alternative arrangements.

Anyway, no more boring you all with my stories. Have a great holiday season while I try to light up my barbecue and succeed at least once.

Nov 162011

As we all know, the internet has been the biggest source of the IT revolution in past few years. And few giants have been creating difference in our life by serving us with astonishing products from time to time. To name a few, Google, Wikipedia, MSN, Yahoo etc. But of all this lot, one name that stands out for being a truly world class free and open source service is wikipedia, the internet based encyclopedia.

The punch line for this service is The Free Encyclopedia and the modus operandi has been more or less on a voluntary basis. About 90,000 people worldwide strive to keep this operation running. It is people like you and me who upload the information and verify it. It’s due to these uncommonly common people that we have an access to huge amount of free information, which would have caused us a fortune, had we been forced to buy the competing products.

To keep the operation alive, they have to maintain the few hundred servers, and pay for the minuscule staff, who keep things going. This maintenance has to be borne by someone, because as you might have noticed, Wikipedia doesn’t approve of advertisement on their page. This is to ensure that the reader gets clear and unhindered access to the information required by him, without the ever-nagging advertising banners creating nuisance.

So it’s time for us to support this organisation who has never thought about it’s own survival, but only about distributing free information to the needy.

Read this message by Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia and do your bit towards the society.

Help Wikipedia!!

Jul 302011

Botanically called as Saussurea obvallata, or the Bramha Kamal as we call it, is a rare sight in it bloomed state. Named after Bramha, the Hindu God of creation, this night blooming flower with a once in a year appearance is said to be an indication of an auspicious event. People in India believe that only those people who believe in the auspiciousness of the occasion, have the luck to view the flower in this state.

I do not claim that I am the only lucky person to have seen it when its delicate petals were opened, but as soon as I got the chance today, I clicked some pictures which I wish to share with you all. So here they are.

I have used a white source of light, place at some distance to create the luminescence effect. Pardon my photography with a normal point and shoot camera.




Apr 292011

All those Harry Potter fans out there, who find the films to be to short to learn witch craft and spells, rejoice. You can be a wizard in no time, with some dedication and efforts. The spells and all their effects are detailed here. Learn them to ward off all the evil in your life.


Please do not use any spell on the weak and the meek of your society. That’s against Muggle rights and you could be jailed for that. And please do not use Avada Kedavra unless it is extremely necessary.

Disclaimer : The author of this post, Wikipedia and J.K. Rowling holds not responsibility for wrong use of these spells. Improper use of spells, resulting in loss of life, damage to property or human body, should not be blamed upon us. As you see, we supply only the spells which are already being used, and not the wand.

Sep 222010

Somewhere along this hassled life, I forgot that I had started blogging under the banner “I Said It” just about a year back. Yes. My blog turned one on 13th September 2010. It had been quite a rough ride from my first post, and the exams in between, unpredictable web hosts, many funny experiences(my brother made a victim in most), writers blocks and few dedicated readers. Though I have not yet got the knack of blogging, I enjoy it a lot nowadays.

Hoping to see one more year through!!

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