The Earthquake that was a Setup!!

By now you all know that there was a major earthquake in Pakistan, and the tremors were felt in neighboring country and even as far as Dubai. But believe me or not. This earthquake was a setup. It might be an act of some terrorist outfit, or a political plot to create turbulence in the political scenario in India, Allah(and Pakistan and maybe even the US)knows. But as per the news item that appeared as the first information about the quake on Google news, “the earthquake was held”.

Checkout the screenshot below and click this link to verify.

funny news item

Lets analyze some beautiful statements.

Rectare Scale : This youngster has invented a new scale to measure quakes it seems. Something more for the children to struggle at their science classes.

The “main” Epicenter : What about the other epicenters? Did he leave it out on purpose or were they not destructive enough.

The main Epicenter …………Came from Pakistan : And settled in India? Pakistan is known to have sent lots of people to India, some good artists, poets, musicians and some bad ones too, like our beloved terrorist Ajmal “Biryani Eater” Kasab, and many more. So its not a surprise that the epicenter “came” from Pakistan.

The Earthquake was held at New Delhi : All it reminds me of was the cricket match WHICH was HELD at a particular stadium. My dear friend, games are held, functions are held. But no, earthquakes cannot be held!! They…….well……just happen. I am sure, when you typed held, you meant felt. But I see no F nor T.

This was the classic one which made me feel that the earthquake was a setup.

….hope…no financial losses occurred : Yes of course, who cares about humans!!

The earthquake came……………..and slowly slowly disturbed India : I leave it to your imagination.

It might be because he was woken up from sleep, or because he wanted to be the first person to get the news online. Whatever be it, he lost it all in his grammar.

I had faith, a lot of it, on Google news. But this news item appeared in the “Top Stories” section of the Google news, and my faith is dwindling ever since. Do they have some sensible algorithm in place to filter the news according to grammar?

Speaking of grammatical errors and poor sentence framing in news article, my friend Jimmy will chance upon this opportunity to point out lots of flaws in the news provided by the group, of which I an avid reader.

Also, as I type this, I have an enlightening feeling!! I can be a “good” news editor too. All it takes is to pick out the points which will sensationalize the article, and leave the rest for people to wonder about.


Oh man!! I almost missed this classic piece of response to the same article. Enjoy it while you can.

funny news item response


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