Free Samples Online

Being an Indian, I love the above words. Free!! If it’s being given out, I am taking it. No guilt, no shame.

I knew that in the USA, people get lots of stuff to tryout for free. Ranging from cosmetics to electronics, products are delivered at their door steps and they can use them for free, or for limited time, depending on the product. I had been searching the internet extensively for any deals in India, and I did come across one.

Procter and Gamble gives out their new products in the form of tryout samples, and I have successfully managed to get hands on most of them. All we need to do is create an account and fill up a short questionnaire(about 3-4 questions) and they send it to your home. The sample quantities are quite appreciable. And you don’t need to pay even for delivery.

Here is the website. It can also be accessed through this web-link. A caution. Try to give an address which is in a major city, since they ship through DTDC, and DTDC does not normally deliver in remote places.

Enjoy the new culture that’s arriving in India. Get for free.

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