Where’s My Candidate?

Never has an assembly election created as huge a turmoil as is being created now. Candidates jumping parties/loyalties, threatening to jump across, rejection of seasoned politicians in favour of dynastic line up is being seen all around.
But the question to ponder upon amidst all this is that whether there really is any candidate who deserves to be followed on one word? For me the answer seems to be no.

For now I have no choice but to follow the party that I have worshipped for years. Whether they have a good candidate or not is besides point. I guess, this is not just me, but a dilemma for a very huge percentage of citizens of India.

And now I would like to investigate in to the proposal put forward by the election commission to the government, to add an option “none of the above” on the voting machine. As we all know the ruling party and the opposition replied in unison, “no”.
The reason behind this rejection is well known to the common man of India, no matter what excuse this politicians feed!! It’s plain, they donot have many deserving candidates to place all around India/State. And introducing this option would lead to their candidate being disqualified, the candidate on which that particular party had poured money.

But had this option being brought on EVM’s, I am sure, no party would have dared perform circus at the height of elections, fearing public outrage.

Before leaving here, an important point to ponder upon. What can we say about a party whose election manifesto comprises of legalising slums? I am not against slum dwellers, but this doesnt fit in a method to combat poverty. This is just pleasing vote bank…

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