Rupee Symbol in True Type Font

As you might all know by now, that the Indian government has come up with a symbol for rupee. Being an Indian symbol, it was natural to accept the one designed out of our own devanagari script. Not that its going to improve the living condition of the poor Indian, or help in the appreciation of our currency. If I go to Argentina, rupee will still be rupee, and I won’t be able to exchange it with Argentina dollar very easily. The entire exercise was to create the “feel good” factor amongst the rich and influential Indians. The poor doesn’t give a damn about it, if its not going to feed them.


The symbol was designed by T Udaya Kumar and was selected by the government. Anyway, now that it’s decided, it will take some time to get it into the system. And getting it in to the system involves getting it on the computers on a large scale. All of a sudden an unknown company named Foradian Technologies takes the limelight after they designed the true type font for rupee symbol. Newspapers and websites immediately jumped upon the font and incorporated it in their media. Though there is no separate key mapped for it right now, it can still be used by sacrificing he tidle. So here’s how you can use it.

  • Download the font from here.
  • Copy the Rupee Foradian.ttf file to the windows/fonts directory. You are done!!
  • The character has been mapped to the tidle key(~) just above the tab key and before number 1 key. If you want to type this character in any word processer, just select the font as Rupee Foradian and press he tidle key.


  • That’s it. You have successfully installed the rupee symbol on your windows based computer.
  • On a LINUX system, just double click the Rupee Foradian.ttf file and in the dialogue box that appears, select “install font”. That was much easier than windows, isn’t it?

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