Petrol Woes

Of late I had been feeling that my bike’s mileage was reducing day by day. Few months back I had some problems with my bike’s fuel tank, but that had been rectified then. So I wondered whether the problem had crept again. Initially I used to run my bike for a whole week on petrol worth 100 rs. My daily bike usage was fixed, in the sense that I used it twice a day to commute from one place to another. But with this fixed usage, I couldn’t finish the week anymore. It was one day short, then two days short. Now It barely crossed half a week since about two weeks back. I was contemplating sending the bike for repairs.

Today while filling up the tank at the pump, I realised where I had been wrong. Previously I used to get about 2 litres of petrol for rs. 1oo. Now it doesn’t  even touch 1.5 litres mark.

My bikes mileage is ok. The mileage of our currency has gone down. We need to overhaul our monetary system.

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