Not Quite A Paisa Per Second

Yesterday I made a grab for the offer by our nations largest mobile service  provider, Airtel, enabling me to make calls at a pulse of 1 second and the rate for which being 1 paisa. This offer has been made to compete the Tata Docomo’s offer of 1paisa / second call rate, and since I didnt want to get a new number I went for the offer by Airtel.

But, the shock I got, when I found out that for each call made, I was billed for 2-5 seconds extra. My phone would say a call duration of 27 seconds where as the charge was for 34 seconds. This is quite unethical and truely cheating their customers. Remember, I had to pay additional amount to get this service activated.

I am not a cheapo. I wouldnt care much about the money. But I think India is not given the treatment that it ought to get from the service industry. Had is been the USA, I am sure there would be lots of compensations going out to the customers, where the service providers would go bankcrupt.


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