Remembering the King Of Pop

During my school days, i pursued the hobby of stamp collection. I had   very good collection of stamps from more than 70 countries and were neatly arranged in a notebook with any sort of info available. But during my college years I didnt carry forward this hobby much, so I exchanged this book for a Micheal Jackson’s audio cassette.

I had played that cassette again and again till it got damaged. For now I use a more popular format of music, ie. Mp3. Not a day goes by, without hearing a single song from the kings albums.

Leaving aside all the proved and unproven allegations and controversies, I still feel that he was the best pop singer of all times. I can say that the exchange made with my friend in my college days was a very profitable one. Though I lost my stamps collection, my introduction to the world of pop was much more exciting.

He still continues to be  a Thriller!!


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