iPhone X – Specifications and Prices Revealed

Apple is all set to launch its 10th anniversary edition of their iPhone lineage, the iPhone 8 or the iPhone X edition. Expectations are running high as we move in towards 12th September, the day when the phone is supposed to be launched. Knowing Apple, we can be sure of some surprises and a punch of upgrades in the latest scheduled release. There could be something to commemorate Steve Jobs too in the package of products slated to launch.

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Here’s what we expect to see.

  • The iPhone X could be the costliest flagship of all times. Expected to cost Rs. 1,00,000, it certainly is not within the reach of a common man. But then, Apple product has set certain precedents which, when broken, have not gone well for their product(remember iPhone 5c?).
  • Though the moniker “8” is a natural successor to “7”, seems like Apple just might skip the “8” and “9” and bring in iPhone 10 to coincide with their 10th anniversary. They could also have two different variants of their flagship, one a regular flagship and the second one a commemorative flagship. They could even move from their conventional numbering to Roman Numerals, iPhone X, probably representing the 10th anniversary edition while also creating the extreme aura.
  • Rumors suggest the latest iPhone X will sport a completely new design, thus departing from the tradition which is being followed since iPhone 4. A shift in fingerprint sensor from front to rear and integrated in the apple logo would not be a surprise. The front would thus be button free and could integrate a neat speaker grille or the front could be a simple touch screen with very narrow top and bottom bezels. What its going to be is hard to know as of now as we do not have those episodes of unintentional leaks as in case of previous iPhones. But we still have 4 day, so fingers crossed.
  • Apple may not look to jumbo sizing the iPhone above current levels and may just stick to the sweet spot of 5.2”
  • We can expect an upgrade to Processor and RAM. We can expect something in camera section too. Apple has been using their camera upgrades as their USP since some time now. Same could be the case with iPhone X.
  • Wireless charging could be a standard feature and the 3.5 mm may not reappear again. It seems likely Apple may help this transition further by including the airpods as in-the-box accessory.

Stay tuned for the official launch of the iPhone X on 12th September 2017. And check your bank accounts. You will need it on 15th September when the sale is expected to commence.

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