Amazon Fire Stick – Control Your Entertainment

The idiot box has been in control of our entertainment since quite a few decades. It has come a long way from B&W to Color, from the old CRT to the latest LCD and LED, from terrestrial transmission to satellite. But you have never been in control of what you view. The entertainment companies controlled your viewing habit and you will stuck with whatever was available.

But the advent of internet age has changed it all. Now is the time to take control of what you view on that rectangular piece of electronic equipment.

Introducing to you, the Amazon Fire Stick.

Exclusively available on amazon, its a very brilliant piece of equipment. All you need to have is a TV with HDMI port(even your computer monitor with HDMI port will suffice) capable of displaying HD resolution at 50/60 Hz and internet connection accessible on wifi. Your are all set to go.

The Amazon Fire Stick comes with a voice remote controller, a power adapter, two batteries for the remote and a HDMI extender. A quick start guide helps you to set thing up before you can watch your first video via the Fire Stick.

Here are a few features in brief:

  • The Fire Stick can be configured with your amazon account which will enable you to view all the contents served via the Amazon Prime Video service, right on your TV.
  • With the built in video and audio streaming apps, you won’t be wanting anything more. Play videos from YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar etc. right on your TV for everyone.
  • A remote which accepts voice commands is a very thoughtful addition to the setup.
  • You can move the Fire Stick along with you on that vacation of business conference and never miss the latest episode of your favourite TV show.
  • You can download various apps readily available in the inbuilt app store.
  • For the geeks, you can even configure the stick to access media on your network easily.
  • Works over wifi, so no messy wires hanging around your TV(of course you need to hide the power adapter)

So all you out there longing to buy a smart TV, wait. This might just be the thing which satisfies your need.

Note: Internet access over wifi needed to access most features. An unlimited data plan would be best for this product. For capped data plan, keep a tab of data consumption and use accordingly.

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