Even as I compose this post, I fail to understand whether I am dreaming, or it’s the reality that I am in. I can feel the pressure of the keys on my finger tips as I type, but I don’t know if its supposed to be that way, while we are dreaming. Can we feel pain in our subconscious state? I surely do now, as I pinch myself. I cannot say for sure if this is reality, since I cannot find my totem, the object which will confirm my presence in reality. I don’t know if I have a totem. I don’t know what state of mind I am in, but what I do know is, Inception got me thinking this.

It might be a bit late that I saw this movie and am writing about it. But Inception demands a say from everyone. It’s a bit of Matrix style, but better. At least I managed to understand it in the first view. Christopher Nolan does it again, and so does Leonardo Di Caprio. They manage to thrill their audience. This is what we get when the writer(Nolan) works on a script for 10 years.

The movie revolves around the theory that an idea can be implanted in to ones mind through ones dreams. An entire world can be created based inside a dream, and people can be brought and manipulated inside others dream. The plot of the movie is entirely about Leonardo(Cobb) and his team entrusted with a task of manipulating a business tycoons mind resulting in the gain of his rivals. This requires the team to travel through multiple levels of dreams, which is a very risky affair. Multiple levels of dream means when the travel into a dream while they are dreaming. A five minutes of real time translates to about an hour inside the dream, hence their calculation say that the 10 hours sleep during one plane journey, would give sufficient time to carry out the tack. The major obstacle to their plan is cobb’s dead wife, who is present in his subconscious mind, and who wants him to kill himself so that they can be together in reality(complicated, but I don’t intend to divulge out the essence of the story). The team travels in to as much as fourth level of the subconscious state in their bid to do the job. There are dangers of them being sent in to limbo(a state where the subconscious state will keep wandering in to un constructed dreams) if they get killed inside the dream. It’s bit confusing if you are not attentive at any point of time.

The plot is fast paced, never boring. The action and the graphics are excellent. The sequences in the zero gravity(physical behaviour of a person in a dream when his body is acted upon by forces in reality), are breathtaking, and make this film worthwhile to be watched at the IMAX. The concept of a paradox in architecture is used effectively in the film. It has the thrill of an action/suspense/sci-fi movie. It has enough amount of emotions which can change the plot of the film. Mysteries are revealed in steps, hence there’s always something around the corner to be revealed. The end of the movie leaves us thinking whether Cobb has returned to reality since ha doesn’t get time to verify his totem. All in all, a must watch for the movie buffs.

I have seen a lot movies since my last review. But this one got me typing again. This surely is something to watch, and that too in theatres. That is, if they are running the shows so late after its release.

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