Track your Website’s Popularity

So you have a website or a blog, live at this moment. Many people visit it daily, and you know it because you get lots of comments on your posts. But is your website really visible to the entire world? Is your website’s demand increasing? Are you improving in your contents? To know this, there are lots of tools available on the internet, some giving direct figures while other giving an indirect idea of your overall performance on the web. Tools like google analytics, give you direct figures of number of hits on your site, on daily-weekly-monthly basis, statistics on the basis of region-age-gender, and even the popularity of particular contents on your website.

Tools like google page rank and alexa rank give you an overall picture of your performance on the web. The better the ranking, the better is your website hit rate. Many know this, and employ various techniques of search engine optimization to better their website. But keeping a track of ranking is bit tedious, since we have to go on individual website of alexa, or pagerank and type in your web address to get the statistics. Would you even think of checking out the rankings of your rival websites now and again? How good it would be to have a tool, rounding all the rankings at a single place?

Well, there are such tools. One such program that I use is an add-on to the firefox browser. You don’t even need to start it separately. It gives the rankings in the top toolbar itself, when a website is loaded. Along with that, it give a lot more statistics, useful to gauge the search engine optimization and site popularity.

First you need the firefox browser. Get it here. Once downloaded and installed, start firefox.

  • Go to Tools —–> Add-ons. In the add-ons window, click on the “Get Add-ons” button on the top left.
  • In the search field, type webrank and click search.
  • In the results that appear, the top one will be Webrank Toolbar. Select that add-on and click on “Add to Firefox” button.
  • Completing the installation is a child’s play. Click on the “Restart Firefox” button when asked.
  • Once fire fox restarts, you will have the webrank toolbar below the address bar.

webrank toolbar

  • Now type in any web address in the address bar. When the page loads you will get various rankings and statistics.

webrank toolbar with stats

  • The first four statistics are :
    • Google Pagerank(On the scale of 1 to 10, higher is better)
    • Alexa Rank(Lower is better)
    • Compete Rank(you have to subscribe for their service)
    • Quantcast Rank(you have to subscribe for their service)
  • The next section informs about the number of pages indexed in google, bing and yahoo search engines.
  • The next section informs about the number of backlinks according to these search engines.
  • Then comes the sociometer which informs about the number of tweets about this website on twitter, and no of bookmarks on delicious.
  • An interesting tool is included next which informs about any site similar to the particular website opened up at that instance.
  • Then there is a button to bookmark you site on pickme.
  • The reload button follows which will reload the statistics if they are not loaded properly.
  • Last three buttons are the information about the webrank toolbar, settings and follow on twitter button for webrank toolbar.

This toolbar should suffice your information needs about how your site fares. Go ahead, try it out.

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