Flip Phone – A Concept

The word lens application was a discovery from the stumble upon web application. If you remember I had posted about what stumble upon is and how I love to use it to pass my time on the web. Also I have come across quite a few very interesting websites and extraordinary products while stumbling. Here is another masterpiece upon which I recently stumbles.

Idkul has come up with a three screen flip phone which redefines the concept of smart phones. Idkul stands for Interaction Designer Kristian Ulrich Larsen. Designed to work on Android OS, this is poised to be one object of desire. Though it is just in the design stage, and no company has yet been licensed to manufacture it, I am sure there won’t be a shortage of manufacturers ready to buy the patent. And the iPhone designers might be sweating in their air conditioned design centres.


Check out the innovation yourself.

And FYI, I have achieved a personal milestone in the blogging world. The 200 mark has been achieved and crossed!! Hoping to improve by leaps and bounds.


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