We could do with this

As we know, Mohammad Rafi, the top class playback singer of yesteryears, was also a contributor as a play back singer for marathi cinema. I personally love his marathi songs, ‘hasa mulanno hasa’ and ‘haa chanda jivala laavi pise’. Its difficult to make out that this person was a non marathi play back singer.

His entry to marathi cinema was with a quite examplary story. To whom, I will let you guess. He was asked to sing a particular song in marathi, but he was not well versed with the language. The lyricist of this song came to his rescue in a very innovative way. He, being well versed in urdu,  wrote the entire marathi lyrics in urdu script and Mohammad Rafi sung the song in that script.

Can you guess who the lyricist was? Well it was Mr. Shrikant Thackery, father of our very own marathi maanos, Raj Thackery.


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