No Terrorists Here…

A Banquet for the Prime Minister of India and his wife, hosted by the POTUS, did go quite well as per sources. Except for ‘one small tolerable’ incident. The Party was gatecrashed by a US couple. Michaele and Tareq Salahi. Now as per, the US ways of dealing with such incidents, the name Tareq would surely have rung some bells, or dropped some bombs rather. But not here. They say there was no danger to the president or the PM as the couple did not go anywhere near them.

I remember visiting the US while on ship. We has reached an American and it was around midnight. Emergency bells were rung and announcement was made on PA system for everyone to assemble quickly at muster point. Everyone dragged themself out of bed, and after quickly changing in to working suits, reached the muster point. Only to find that it was very cold outside, we were to stand in line for the inspection by the US immigration. We were not supposed to land on US soil. Just deliver the goods and make headway. But we were passed through this humiliating scrutiny, even though we were far away from the POTUS and never meant to any banquet hosted by him.

So speaking of security, all the above security procedures followed are not worth the expenditures, if the white house party can be gate crashed.

 It would be interesting to wait and see if any action will be taken on this couple

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