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Digital Odyssey

“Press the shift key and the * key together. Then press the Space Bar once. Now type out the word BASIC. Press the Return key and then the break key”. Those words were the milk on which I begun my nourishment in to the digital world. The year was 1992. The Gulf war was on.

BADA 2.0 Firmware Leaked

Great news for Bada smartphone users. The wait is over. Samfirmware has released a leaked copy of Bada 2.0.1 for Wave II(S8530). Later today, they will be releasing Bada 2.0 for Wave I(S8500). For more details visit Mind you, this is not an official firmware so you will need to flash it to your

Galaxy Ace-Wave II-Wildfire S : Face Off

A friend of mine recently enquire with me about the mobile he should buy. He had a fixed a budget and had shortlisted two mobiles. I wondered how he left out one more mobile which has become a rage in India at this moment. Then it to struck me that people are less informed about

Am on Google+

I am finally on Google+. That’s the good part. The bad part is, only the one friend who invited me is on it, in my Circles, so I don’t know what to do. I will have to wait for my friends to accept my invitations. Meanwhile, anyone who knows me, and requests for invitation,if I

Using QR Code

You all might have noticed an ugly looking square matrix on lots of products and in media, looking something like this. Well it is not something meant to deface a webpage. This small block of black and white, unintelligible shapes is nothing but a QR code. Short for Quick Response code, Wikipedia defines it as


It happened quite some years back. To be precise in the year 2004. Four geeks from Harvard university, launched a web based application, called Facebook. Though initially meant for Harvard students, it was eventually released for the world. At the final count, this web based social networking application became such a craze, that it had

Cheapest iPhone Ever!!

A very good news for all the iPhone/apple fans in India. Diwali has started in the rainy season here. Apple has officially lowered the price of it’s 2nd rank model of iPhone, the iPhone 3GS to rs. 19,990. This model has an 8gb in built memory. People who were looking in to buying other phones

Samsung ACE–First Hand

A couple of months back, I was quite excited about the new entry in to mobile arena. That of Samsung Ace. Though I already had expended my budget to buy a smart phone, I was quite ecstatic about this mobile, and had written about it. Though I felt the phone was priced in a very

BADA 2.0 on WAVE

For all the users of Samsung wave series phones who are eagerly waiting for BADA 2.0, watch this video and keep your hopes high.   BADA 2.0 running on Wave II. Awesome!!   And now the “Leaked” screenshots have surfaced on web. Check them out here. I too hope it comes to WAVE sometime soon!!

LED TV – The Myth

The television, rather, the idiot box as it has been called for decades, has been a major source of entertainment and the media for information in our lives. So much so that it has become an integral part of our life. You reach home and it would be a horror to find it missing from