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BADA Update in India

For all the Samsung Wave series phone users, there a good news. Samsung had made good their promise of updating Wave 8500 with the BADA 1.2 upgrade. Anyone who wishes to move on to the upgraded version, connect the phone to kies, and the upgrade will be available there. The upgrade bring to us the

Sygic Mobile Maps India

For all the Bada smartphone users, check your samsung apps. You might get Sygic Mobile Maps for your country, listed in navigation section if your device is compatible. It is said to be one of the best mobile navigation application available for smartphones. And guess what, they have quite a good introductory offer for licenses.

BADA APPs Download Reaching a Landmark!!

Android has been around for quite some years now, and though it was supported mostly by Motorola, it has survived to see the light of 2010. And it did raise itself with a bang I would say, looking at the number of Android based phones launched in the market by various companies in recent past.

Windows Bootable USB

For those with some know how of a computer, installation of the windows operating system has been a daunting task up till now. Windows has been known to crash a lot due to all the buggy developers employed by them, and we have suffered through these kind of windows “glass pane” crashed all throughout our

Samsung Galaxy Ace Launched

Well, that flip phone is an amazing concept, and am sure most of the rich kids are looking forward to lay their hands on it. But speaking(or writing rather) about phones, there is one model which caught my attention when it was announced for sale in India this week. The new smartphone from the Samsung

Flip Phone – A Concept

The word lens application was a discovery from the stumble upon web application. If you remember I had posted about what stumble upon is and how I love to use it to pass my time on the web. Also I have come across quite a few very interesting websites and extraordinary products while stumbling. Here

Amazing Application – Word Lens

Do you have and iPhone(3GS or 4) or a iPod touch(4th generation)? Are you interested in Spanish to English translations or vice versa? Do you like trying out new applications on your iPhone? If your answer to the above questions is yes, well my friend, you have reached the right place for a very good

Samsung Wave II – A Quick View

This is more of a comparison with the original Samsung Wave, of which I am proud owner, than a review. I managed to get my hands on Wave II, at a local electronics outlet and had some time at hand, so spent checking out the features. Here’s the comparison laid out for you.   The

Mobile Number Portability…..Things to Know

So after a long wait, and a few posts on this blog, Mobile Number Portability(MNP) is finally a reality in India. If you remember, it was somewhere in 2009 that the government had considered this option. Why it took so long, is anyone’s guess. With the consortium of the biggies against it, the government had

Undo Send in Gmail

You start…. Hi Dear, It’s been long time that we have spoken to each other. But I feel its for better. Better for me that I stay away from you. I am happier as compared to when I was with you. You made me feel sick all throughout the time. So lets stay like that.