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Flip Phone – A Concept

The word lens application was a discovery from the stumble upon web application. If you remember I had posted about what stumble upon is and how I love to use it to pass my time on the web. Also I have come across quite a few very interesting websites and extraordinary products while stumbling. Here

Amazing Application – Word Lens

Do you have and iPhone(3GS or 4) or a iPod touch(4th generation)? Are you interested in Spanish to English translations or vice versa? Do you like trying out new applications on your iPhone? If your answer to the above questions is yes, well my friend, you have reached the right place for a very good

Samsung Wave II – A Quick View

This is more of a comparison with the original Samsung Wave, of which I am proud owner, than a review. I managed to get my hands on Wave II, at a local electronics outlet and had some time at hand, so spent checking out the features. Here’s the comparison laid out for you.   The

Mobile Number Portability…..Things to Know

So after a long wait, and a few posts on this blog, Mobile Number Portability(MNP) is finally a reality in India. If you remember, it was somewhere in 2009 that the government had considered this option. Why it took so long, is anyone’s guess. With the consortium of the biggies against it, the government had

Undo Send in Gmail

You start…. Hi Dear, It’s been long time that we have spoken to each other. But I feel its for better. Better for me that I stay away from you. I am happier as compared to when I was with you. You made me feel sick all throughout the time. So lets stay like that.

Protect your Privacy on Facebook

I have never been the promoter of these so called, community sites. Nevertheless, I had to join a few, since I felt that I would be left behind in this fast age of the internet. I have always felt that the community sites are not designed to protect the privacy of a person. For example,

Paid Apps on Bada Available for India!!

Relentless pleas from various forums and one of my previous post seem to have had the effect on samsung. They have made paid apps available for India for the BADA OS on Samsung Wave!! Three cheers to the crackers who cracked the games, thus forcing samsung to listen to its users demands, and makethis facility

Projector in Phone!!

How fast does the technology change? Well, super fast I would say!! From the plain old big "compass Box" phone with a small screen, enabling calling and text messaging, to today’s large screen, full touch, smart phones which give the power to carry out multiple tasks on you phone, it took what, about 15 years?

BADA Apps Spoofed on Wave

This was something Samsung had hardly expected. But they got what was coming. You see, they had launched this awesome phone, the samsung wave with amazing specifications and lost of good applications. And to support it was a very good operating system, BADA. But they neglected lots of countries. Many of the countries couldn’t buy

Track your Website’s Popularity

So you have a website or a blog, live at this moment. Many people visit it daily, and you know it because you get lots of comments on your posts. But is your website really visible to the entire world? Is your website’s demand increasing? Are you improving in your contents? To know this, there