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My 3D Glasses are here!!

Technology! It fascinates me!! I may not be the richest kid in the town but I sure love to buy what my heart craves. I have seen many people flaunt their expensive high end mobiles or those iPads. But when it comes to using those gadgets, they limit themselves to making calls or just watching

Unlock your Connectivity

3G revolution has taken India in its stride since some time now and almost every telecom operator offers you internet connectivity via various means. One dominantly used connectivity option is the use of a data card dongle. Starting from 1x speeds, the operators have improved our connectivity options to mbps speeds in major cities. One

LYTRO Camera

Hi friends. I came across this wall post on facebook by a friend, a video about something called as Lytro camera. Heard it first time, so of course, had to find out what. I was amazed at how much technology has progressed in cameras. Years back, Sony and other camera makers were competing amongst themselves

Knowledge gain at a Service Center

I love formatting. No, I don’t like formatting documents to create a well structured good looking one. I like formatting electronic equipment. I’ve been at it since about 10 years. I like trying out new things on computing devices and my computer gave up on me after enduring about 8 years of rough use, but

Recharge Mobile for Free

Have you ever wished that you could somehow be compensated for the amount you recharge on your phone. Well there is just the website operating in India which refund you not only the amount you recharge on mobile, but also the amount you recharge on DTH and Datacard. The catch is that they refund you

Laptop Battery Indicator

I’ve been having some problems with my laptop battery since quite some time and during the course of investigation, I came across an unknown method to check battery health and status. Mind you, my laptop is that of dell, so I don’t know if it will work on other batteries. But I assume all manufacturers

Amazin’ Kindle

Before I start my brief review of my new proud procurement, I would like to state that off late, I’ve been getting quite lucky while shopping for electronics. To remind you, I had bought a SMART TV way below it’s market price sometime back, as informed earlier. Thought the circumstances got me a good price,

Help Wikipedia

As we all know, the internet has been the biggest source of the IT revolution in past few years. And few giants have been creating difference in our life by serving us with astonishing products from time to time. To name a few, Google, Wikipedia, MSN, Yahoo etc. But of all this lot, one name

I Stole a Deal

21st August. I bought my first LCD-LED 40” TV. I was happy. 27th Sept. I made a deal of my life. I was as happy as ever would be. So what was the deal? For that, I need to start from the beginning…waaaaaay back!! It was 21st August and I decided that enough was enough.

Free Apps for BADA

Samsung is giving out limited number of free apps for a short time. I got Fruit Ninja, Kint Messanger, Slam Dunk Basketball and Clash of Mages today for FREE!! Logon to Samsung Apps on your BADA phone today to avail this offer. Hurry Guys!!!   Cheers Samsung!!