May 292014

That’s my new possession. A brand new Canon EOS 1200D DSLR camera with 18-55 mm and 55-250 mm combo lens kit. After years of aspiring to buy one, I finally bought it right on time for my family trip last week. Am not much of a pro in camera technical so I wouldn’t attempt to call this post as a review. This one is kind of an informative post.


That was my brothers reaction upon seeing the camera, captured as the first photograph of my camera.


And this is me trying to do what an Amateur photographer with new camera does; click himself clicking himself through a mirror.

The Canon EOS 1200D is an entry level DSLR which was recently launched. An upgrade to their 1100D, the 1200 packs the punch which was lacking in the 1100D. Lets see what…

First of all the inclusions. I bought the model under offer which bundled an extra lens, a 55-250 mm, IS II lens along with the 18-55 mm IS II lens. The combined lens kit with the body cost me a little over 30,000 rs. which was the best deal available on Amazon India. The box contained the Camera Body, combo lens kit, a battery pack with charger, data connection cable, a neck strap, a camera bag and a 8 GB memory card, along with a quick guide, a flash photography guide, a macro photography guide and a software cd Rom. The guides were good enough to assemble the camera in no time and I was ready to shoot.

The camera is easy to handle for a person upgrading from point and shoot since all the controls are on the right hand and the LCD screen is on the left hand, much like any point and shoot available in the market. It doesn’t feel heavy in hands with any of the lens attached.

The camera controls include a jog dial for various modes(Manual, Shutter priority Tv, Aperture Priority Av, Program, Scene Intelligent Auto ie. auto mode, macro, video etc….). The manual mode gives total control over the photo taken and it is good for learning the tricks of setting up the photo for an amateur.

The battery pack lasted me for an entire day without any signs of reduction in battery storage. That might be because of the relatively less number of photos I clicked. But the camera is said to click more than 500 shots before requiring recharge which is good enough for me as of now.

What I like about the camera:

  • The dual lens kit
  • Ease of handling and manageable light weight
  • Lots of different modes from auto mode for quick photography to total manual control
  • Ability to store raw images
  • Good ergonomics in placement of controls
  • The professional feel

Dislike(Far outweighed by the pros):

  • Fixed lcd screen
  • No facility to connect external mic
  • No HDMI cable bundled

The camera has by now been used on three separate important occassions, two picnics and a family functions. Though I wouldn’t rate the photography at high level, I protect myself by revealing that I am a learner. Any advice from professionals (or otherwise) out there is welcome.

Hoping to improve photography and keep on posing what I learn.

Sample photos clicked by me


My kid Ivy in one of her rare moods allows me a click.


My niece on the merry go round. Photo clicked with the focus on moving subject.


Narrow Mahabaleshwar Road at the height of tourist season


A settlement viewed from height along the road to Koyna river




Nature being partial……


My kids Ian and Ivy having fun at the hotel.


Ian and Lynelle riding a pony…also called as “orshe” by Ian…


A potrait of Ian…… Moments before his failed attack on the camera lens

Full Specifications at Canon Website

Buy this camera at Amazon India||Flipkart

Jun 262013

Well you all might have knowledge of that bit of information. Seriously, I was not “really” excited when I read that Amazon had started selling ebooks in India on But Couple of days back my hopes went up when I read that they have started selling Kindle devices too.

But today I received a jolt of excitement when while casually accessing I found that they have started selling mobiles/cameras and few other electronics on their website. The catalogue is not as exhaustive as on the U.S. version, but this could be the beginning of things. More amazing was the fact that they have introductory discounts of 10% on selected mobiles and 15% on selected cameras. I made a dry run shopping on their site and was excited that, though the prices are not as drastically low as the U.S. website, they were still far lower than any other ecommerce website after discounts.


Case to the point; Micromax Canvas HD sells for around 13500rs. on other websites where as after applying discount on Amazon, you can buy it for less than 12000 rs. Similarly Canon EOS 600D with standard lens kit sells for about 31000 rs. on most websites where as after discount Amazon sells it for less than 29000 rs.

Grab the opportunity while this launch offers last.

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