Nov 122014

Technology had advanced at a mind boggling pace, more so since the introduction of mobiles, and it’s inclusion into our lifestyle has invariably opened up our homes to the world. Top tech firms are known to “mine” user data in as simple form as a cookie. This data is later used for financial gains to ultimately please their shareholders. This, though anticipated, is not excusable. There is an ongoing war against privacy invasion via digital media.

Mindless to all the protests, tech firms keep on introducing such privacy invading features in their applications/websites. One such latest update is the double blue tick in whatsapp chat.


Some might argue what’s the big fuss about. So lets see how it functions.

When you send a message to your contact on whatsapp, once it is delivered to the whatsapp server a small tick appear on the bottom right corner of the chat message. Once your contact receives it on his/her phone, another tick is added and now you have a double tick, signifying that the message has been delivered to your contact. In past, you had no way of telling whether your friend has read the message. This was ok since the transmission of message was more important.

But introduce a double tick which signifies that your friend had read the message and the scenario changes. You expect a reply. Your friend has chosen not to reply at that moment. You start the seemingly never ending wait for the reply, while your friend is busy with something important and chooses to finish this conversation later. Meanwhile, you come up with all the possible reasons, including neglect on the part of your friend, while the time starts weighing on your mind. Meanwhile your friend is busy in an important business meeting and doesn’t realise all this. But does he need to realise?

Repeat this scenario and one day you start feeling that your friend is not longer your friend.

Whats the need of this feature. Why should anyone know whether I have read his message or not. I can take my own sweet time to reply. But, Whatsapp, through this tiny feature, is forcing me to either reply to all the messages that I read, or quit whatsapp alltogether. I checked the settings but couldn’t find any that could disable this feature.

Now don’t say that I should get lost from whatsapp. The company itself wouldn’t say that publically fearing drastic reduction in its valuation.

Wakeup whatsapp. Give us our privacy.

Feb 192013

Smartphone users have been using whatsapp for quite a while now. There have always been talks about how whatsapp will be a paid service after first year of use. I’ve not yet come across such case except for iPhone users for whom the app is not free. But to avoid being charged at a later stage,I am sure that we all have been on a lookout for an alternative. It seems my friend has introduced me to such an alternative today.
‘hike’ the name of the application is similar in use to whatsapp, except for a fresh interface. And an additional facility of being able to send sms to mobiles which are not using the app, for free. You need to download the app on your smartphone( as far as I am aware, this app is available on android, blackberry,ios and symbian as of now), register your mobile number and you are ready.You’re account gets credited with 100 free sms. Promote the app on facebook and twitter and you get 100+100 additional credits. Meanwhile, you can continue using free unlimited hike to hike messages even if you consume all this credits. The fun doesn’t stop here. Invite a friend and once he/she downloads the application you get 50 free SMS per months per friend who signs on. And the best part; your account is credited with 20 rs in addition to initial 10 Rs credited by hike in to your account per person joining. Accumulate 50 rs and you can recharge your phone using that amount. Isn’t this a deal!!

Download the app at to start messaging for free!

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