Oct 062014

Couple of days back I posted about the upcoming big sale day on flipkart called as the Big Billion Day. Today is the day and if you were not ready for it, you missed buying Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 for 1400 Rs….Yes 1400 rs, a discount of 90 %. News papers also list(via flipkart ad) that they will have 2TB ADATA HDD for 600 rs(90% discount). There are lots of other discount offers and exchange offers which are very good. You can have Moto X 1st Gen for 18000 or Moto G second gen for 9000(under exchanges), apple macbook for 49999 and lots of other offers in variety of products. There are various catagories of offers like limited stock, limited time ,crazy deals etc.

Another surprising advert in the papers is by snapdeal which says that for others it may be a big day but for them its an ordinary day. An on this ordinary day, they choose to sell apple iphone 4s for 14600, iphone 5s for 25000, Samsung Galaxy S5 for 26000, Canon EOS 1200D for 14000 and many more similar offers. Snapdeal has listed these day under the Diwali Bumper Sale and it keeps on changing hourly with limited stock.

Hurry up and buy the product on your wishlist while these e-tailers are willing to be looted.

Jun 262013

Well you all might have knowledge of that bit of information. Seriously, I was not “really” excited when I read that Amazon had started selling ebooks in India on Amazon.in. But Couple of days back my hopes went up when I read that they have started selling Kindle devices too.

But today I received a jolt of excitement when while casually accessing Amazon.in I found that they have started selling mobiles/cameras and few other electronics on their website. The catalogue is not as exhaustive as on the U.S. version, but this could be the beginning of things. More amazing was the fact that they have introductory discounts of 10% on selected mobiles and 15% on selected cameras. I made a dry run shopping on their site and was excited that, though the prices are not as drastically low as the U.S. website, they were still far lower than any other ecommerce website after discounts.


Case to the point; Micromax Canvas HD sells for around 13500rs. on other websites where as after applying discount on Amazon, you can buy it for less than 12000 rs. Similarly Canon EOS 600D with standard lens kit sells for about 31000 rs. on most websites where as after discount Amazon sells it for less than 29000 rs.

Grab the opportunity while this launch offers last.

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