The day I Vote Someone

That’s today. I am allowed to stay home to exercise my right to vote. I wake up early to avoid the late morning rush at the polling booth. I reach with my wife and kid(it’s a stroll for my kid. He’s spared of deciding whom to vote for another 17 years). For me it’s a difficult task. I’ve not made up my mind yet and have no guidelines to makeup my mind as to whom to vote. They all are the same for me.

As I stand in the queue, watching the queue extending behind me, I see hope in the eyes of the people. Hope that the only process which will change their general condition is the election. They gaze at the candidates list on the wall to ensure that their candidate appears on it. I gaze on the list to search for a familiar name. I find none.

So whom do I vote?

I understand that its all about the government at the center at this stage. I want to give a change to the party which has sat in the opposition and shown promises of a change…for good. But who is the candidate for this party? I’ve not heard his name, let alone see him. How can I force myself to vote for someone who has not demonstrated his/her capabilities in handling the system. And what about the communal stains on the flags of this party? Should I disregard it?

I cannot think of the candidate of the current rulers. I just don’t want to give explanations. The last five years have been explanation enough. I wish to have faith in him but my mind doesn’t allow…

And the previously elected candidate from my constituency has shown his face after five years.

So whom do I vote?

There are those independents who, if elected, suddenly start depending on the cash rich party. I don’t approve of this politics. I don’t approve of the EC allowing such politics. Voters elect them because they have lost faith in the established parties. But these independents do not consult the voters before supporting these parties.

Independents are a mess……..

And how about those revolutionaries. They toppled the throne and came to power; with some support. But they lost direction. They have shown potential to act irresponsibly. And again, their candidate is the one I not know about. How do I trust in him? After all it’s a question of recovery of our nation.

So whom do I vote?

Of course the Election Commission has provided me with the option of None of the Above or “NOTA”. But how will it help. This option will just show how many are displeased with all the parties but this count will not be considered for re-elections or disqualification of current candidates. Then what’s the use. All the political parties will have a last laugh unless this option is given some real teeth.

So the question still remains. Whom do I vote? It’s a dilemma for me.

Its my turn to vote. I sign in the register and get the indelible ink on my left index finger. I go to the machine which is well hidden to give me my privacy. My mind is blank. I look at the machine but I recognize no name. I press a button. I see the light glow and hear the beep indicating a successful registration of vote. I leave the booth. For me the election is over. Now the wait until results.

While going home I fully understand that I don’t know for whom I voted. My vote is only known to the button which I pressed and the machine which registered my vote.

(Disclaimer : This is my experience of the election day. It’s not meant to poison the minds of voter with my thoughts. With regards to elections, the Indian voter is as much educated as the system has taught him. Any drastic change in his mindset with regards to any political party will be accomplished only by a drastic change in the system. My one blog article cannot influence his mind.

……..So don’t arrest me)


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