No Opposition

After all the hard”ly” done work for the betterment of Indian society, and the very hard work in election campaign by all the parties, the day has shone when one political party will have a celebration party going on past midnight.

A healthy scenario for a country like India “following democratic form of governance” would be to have a strong leadership in ruling party with clear majority, without any allies support and an equally healthy opposition. No matter how good a ruling party or a person heading the party is, the opposition, if it acts in a just and fair manner, can provide the necessary check to all the mismanagement that we have been witnessing all these years.

Well, it seems like the favorites are here for a clean sweep of ruling as well as opposition, an imbalance which will never be good for the overall growth of the country. A person at the head of a country and his party has a pre determined agenda, which is sometimes not revealed to the general public unless its too late. By then the voice of general public will have been reduced to whisper to the rulers ears. The measures taken by the ruling party in such case will always be pro to one lobby while being anti to the other. This creates an imbalance in the overall development of the country. An effective check in such situations is the opposition party, which if strong, can shake the government to its core and force it to reconsider its decisions.

There’s a draw back. Opposition parties don’t play it fair. They practice the “stall the proceedings and enjoy a paid vacation on account of the taxpayers” policy, which has ben much more detrimental for India for past decade or a two.

But then, there’s no point discussing this now. The results are coming out  and by the looks of it, there won’t be an opposition to speak of unless the enemies merge to form a pseudo united opposition.

Lets face it for another 5 years…….

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