Moto 360 in India!!



So how many of you Tech Buffs have been waiting for this. The motorola Moto 360, since its announcement couple of months back and the subsequent launch few days back, has made quite some waves, rather tsunami of waves in tech world. It has become an object of desire due to its superiorly crafted design and of course, the huge marketing.

But we all in India, as usual may not have been that excited, since Tech Giants are known to skip us for quite a huge period even after launch. So expecting Moto G to be available in India this early is unexpected.

Well, times have changed. Flipkart, once again, seems close to launching Moto 360 on its website. Currently showing “Not Availabe”, knowing Flipkart, you might even wake up tomorrow to check that its “Available”.


So if you want to be the first to gets your hands on to, or rather, get on your hands this smart piece of accessory, keep a sharp lookout on Flipkart. On my part, I will try to inform as soon as I get some hint.

Best of Luck!!

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