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I’ve been having some problems with my laptop battery since quite some time and during the course of investigation, I came across an unknown method to check battery health and status. Mind you, my laptop is that of dell, so I don’t know if it will work on other batteries. But I assume all manufacturers incorporate this test.

Have you ever worked with the duracell batteries where you can press at two spots on the battery and it gives the indication of the remaining charge? It works in a similar fashion. On the bottom side of the battery you will find as rectangular area with 5 dots in a row and an icon of a battery(check video below). Press the icon and one or more of the dots will blink. If you keep it pressed for some more time(3 seconds as claimed by dell), number of dots will blink again. The first time you press the battery icon, the indication given is the amount of charge present in the battery. If all lights appear, the battery is fully charged. Each indicator represents about 20% charge. When you keep the icon pressed for a longer time, if one dot blinks it indicated that the battery is healthy and able to charge to its capacity. If five dots blink, it indicates that the battery charge capacity has gone below 60% and should be changed soon.

Check the video below.

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