An IPad Competitor

In april 2010, apple launched their mobile computing device, IPad, which satisfies many of the computing needs on the go. The device went on sale soon after worldwide, and has been welcomed by the on-the-go community and technology freaks alike. The device packs enough applications( more than 2,00,000) developed and available to be used.

But as with all the tech devices, there will always be some shortcomings, some of which are pointed out on labnol along with its best features. But I would like to put emphasis on the point that, it being heavy and a bit big, its not a real on-the-go device, except for desperates. Secondly, non accessible file system can limit the memory usage to few specific file types which are recognised and supported by its applications.

And finally, I would like to keep my cellphone at home. Why would I like to load myself with gadgets, if just one is available, which suffices all my needs?

Here’s where the Dell Streak comes into picture. As showcased on their site, dell seems to have included lots of features in their new device, one of them being the smaller form and the second, most important, being introduced is the ability to make calls. The smaller size may hinder the functionality for office applications, but it seems to be a true portable computing device, with all the connectivity features being incorporated at the first launch. On the soft side, dell has announced 38,000 application for this device. Should be enough for everyday work.

If smartly priced, streak can compete with ipad very well for its value addition.

I, in India, would prefer a smaller device in the already crammed space, for my mobile computing and communication.

What would you prefer? Lets wait for its launch in June.

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