Get Reliance Jio SIM

Reliance is on the verge of launching its 4G services to the general public. Since december 2015, they started their beta tests by allowing selected employees to access the network and later it was extended others on invite basis. But until now, the service was available only on their LYF phones. 

Last week they launched the service for qualifying Samsung devices. But there is no word yet about the availability of SIM for rest of the population. That seems to have changed by a small backdoor. If you carry out the following procedure in order, you should be able to generate a coupon code to procure a SIM from their service centres.

So here it is:

    • Download the MyJio App from the Android play store
    • Download all other Reliance Jio applications listed in the MyJio App
    • Once all apps are downloaded, switch off the data and WiFi.
    • Close down all the Reliance Jio apps.
    • Switch on Data/WiFi.
    • Start the Reliance MyJio App Portal.
    • Inside you will find MyJio App listed on top. Open it.
    • You will get an option to generate a coupon code. Follow that link to generate a coupon which can be used at the stores listed in the app to get a SIM

      Good luck and happy 4Ging

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